"In bad company": a summary.

To submit summary "In bad company" is not enough a few trivial sentences.Despite the fact that the fruit of creativity Korolenko is considered to be a story, its structure and scope are more like a story.

The book reader is waiting for a dozen characters whose fate will move along a track rich in the loop for a few months.Over time, the story has been recognized as one of the best opus that came from the pen of the writer.He also reprinted many times, and a few years after the first publication was slightly modified and published under the title "Children Underground".

protagonist of the scene and

protagonist of the work - a boy named Bob.He lived with his father in the town of Princes Veno-South-West region, inhabited mainly by Poles and Jews.Do not be amiss to say that the city was captured in the story of the author "from life."The descriptions of landscapes and recognized exactly the second half of the XIX century.The content of "In bad company" Korolenko generally rich in descriptions of t

he world.

child's mother died when he was only six years old.His father occupied the judicial service and their own grief, he paid little attention to his son.At the same time Vasya did not prevent yourself out of the house.That's why the boy often wandered through the hometown, full of secrets and mysteries.


one of the local attractions was an old castle, which formerly served as the residence of the Count.However, the reader finds it not in the best of times.Now the wall of the castle destroyed by the impressive age and lack of care, and its interior was chosen the poor in the immediate vicinity.The prototype of this place was the palace belonged to a noble family Lubomirski, who wore the title of prince and lived in Rovno.

separately, they are not able to live in peace and harmony because of the differences in religion and conflict with a former servant of the Count Janusz.Taking advantage of their right to decide who has the right to stay in the castle, and who is not, he pointed to the door to all those who did not belong to the Catholic flock, or the servants of the former owners of these walls.Outsiders also settled in the cave, which was hidden from prying eyes.After this incident, Bob stopped to visit the castle, which visited before, despite the fact that he was calling the boy Janusz, whom he regarded as the son of a respected family.He did not like what to do with the exiles.Immediate event story Korolenko "in bad company", a summary of which would be complete without mention of this episode, starting from this point.

Meeting in the Chapel

Once Vasya with his friends climbed into the chapel.However, once the children realized that inside there is someone else, Vasin friends cowardly fled, leaving the boy alone.The chapel also turned two children out of the dungeon.It was Valek and Maroussia.They lived together with exiles who evicted Janusz.

leader of the community, hiding under the ground, there was a man, whose name was Tyburcy.Summary "in bad company" can not do without its characteristics.This identity remained a mystery to others about him almost nothing was known.Despite his impecunious lifestyle, it was rumored that the first man was an aristocrat.This conjecture is confirmed by the fact that extravagant man quoted the ancient Greek thinkers.Such education is not in keeping with his folksy look.Contrasts give citizens a reason to consider Tyburcy magician.

Bob quickly made friends with the children from the chapel and began to visit them and feed.These visits for the time being remain secret to others.Their friendship has stood the test and is, as a recognition of Valek that he steals food to feed his sister.

Bob started to go and see in the very dungeon, while inside there were no adults.However, sooner or later, such negligence was to give the boy.And during the next visit Tyburcy noticed the son of the judge.Children were afraid that the owner unpredictable dungeons expel the boy, but he, on the contrary, allowing guests to visit them, taking with him the word that he would keep silent about a secret place.Now Bob can safely visit friends.This is a summary of "in bad company" before the dramatic events.

residents dungeon

he met and made friends with other exiles castle.They were different people: a former official Lavrovskii who loved to tell the incredible story of his past life;Turkevich, bade himself a general and liked to go and see a box of famous residents of the city, and many others.

Despite the fact that they are all in the past differed from each other, and now they all lived together and helping one's neighbor, sharing a modest way of life, which they have arranged, pobirayas Street and stealing as Valek or self Tyburcy.Bob loved these people and not condemn their sins, knowing that all of them have been brought to such a state of poverty.


main reason why the protagonist escaped the dungeon was a tense atmosphere in his own house.If the father did not pay any attention to him, the servant boy felt spoiled child who, moreover, is constantly lost in unknown places.

only person who pleases Vasya home - his younger sister Sonia.He loves four-spirited and cheerful girl.However, their own nanny did not allow children to interact with each other, because I thought his older brother a bad example for the daughter of a judge.Sam's father Sonia loved much more than Vasya, because she reminded him dead wife.

disease Maroussi

Valek Sister Maroussia with the onset of fall seriously ill.In all work "in bad company" content can be easily divided into "before" and "after" of this event.Bob, who could not bear to look at a serious condition girlfriend decided to ask Sonia doll rest after her mother.She agreed to lend a toy and Maroussia, which did not have anything like that because of poverty, very happy gift and even began to recover in his dungeon "in bad company."The main characters have not yet realized that the end of history as a whole has never been closer.

uncover the secrets

seemed to be all right, but suddenly the judge Janusz came to bring on the inhabitants of the dungeon, and Vasya, who noticed in adversarial company.His father was angry at his son and forbade to leave the house.At the same time the nurse found the missing dolls, because of what happened to another scandal.The judge tried to achieve recognition of John's, where he goes, and where there is now a toy sister.A boy only replied that really took the doll, but did not say what he did to her.Even a brief summary "in bad company" shows how strong the spirit was John, despite his young age.


past few days.The boy went home and gave Tyburcy Judge Sonia toy.In addition, he spoke about the friendship of different children.Struck history father felt guilty before her son, who had devoted time and that because of this began to chat with the poor, no one loved the city.Finally Tyburcy said that Maroussia died.Judge Basil allowed to say goodbye to the girl, and he gave the money to her father, after giving advice to flee from the city.Here ends the story "in bad company."

Tyburcy unexpected visit and the news of the death of Maroussi broke down the wall between the protagonist of the story, and his father.After the incident, the two of them began to visit the grave of the chapel, which first met three children.In the story "in bad company" protagonists have failed to come together in one scene.Beggars of the dungeon in the town never seen again.All of them suddenly disappeared as if they had never existed.