Holders of the "Golden Ball" - the best players in Europe

Every year since 1956, a popular edition of France Football after the vote were among the most reputable sports publications awards the "Golden Ball".Previously, he was handed over only to the best players in Europe, now the owner of a prize may be the player from any part of the world, who plays for European club.

Best Player in Europe

Prior to 1995, the holders of "Golden Ball" may be just the Europeans.Since 1995, the list of winners of the players were allowed to include any nationality from other regions of the world, playing for European clubs.The first athlete from outside Europe, who presented the award, was the same year the football player of "Milan" George Weah.In 2007, the rules changed again: now the list of holders of the "Golden Ball" can get and come from Europe, acting for the club in any country of the world.

Terms poll

¬ęGolden Ball" was established Gabriel Hanot.As the editor of France Football, he proposed in 1956, his fellow journalists to name the best player of the

year in Europe.

Earlier in the questionnaire consisted of 50 players, it is now their only 23. Of these reputable journalists writing about football, choosing the best player.The voter has to choose five players by awarding each of them from 1 to 5 points.Holders of the "Golden Ball" - it is the athletes who scored the most points.

Those who took second and third places, respectively, were awarded silver and bronze balls.Since 2010, the organization of the poll, the results of which the winner is determined, together with France Football and FIFA involved.

Some statistics

During the entire existence of the prize, he was handed hitter 35 times, 4 times a trophy owned defenders 17 times - midfielders.And only once the winner of the prize was voted goalkeeper - the best world goalkeeper Lev Yashin.

Seven times winners of the "Golden Ball" were citizens of Germany and the Netherlands.In Argentina, too, it would be seven trophies, but Lionel Messi, who owned the prize four times at the time of awarding the prize was a citizen of this country, and three more times (two - Di Stefano and one - Omar Sivori) trophy owned Argentines to change citizenship.Five times he raised his head above the French, Italians, British, Brazilians.Three times winner of the prize were representatives of the Soviet Union Oleg Blokhin and Lev Yashin and Igor Belanov.

among the clubs on the number of prizes in the lead "Barcelona": eight "Golden Goals".The "Juventus" of seven, the "Milan" - six, "Real" owned "Golden Ball" five times.

Some holders of "Golden Ball" gave him a few times.Most of all trophy owned Leonel Messi - for four consecutive years, he named the best player.He received the prize three times, Michel Platini, and the same row - during 1983-85 period.Johan Cruyff and Marco van Basten also awarded three times, but in different years.

Brazilian Ronaldo was the youngest player to win the Golden Ball: presenting him at the time the prize was only 21 years old.The oldest winner of the Golden Ball - Stanley Matthews, won the prize of 41 years.

Currently, five owners of the trophy is no longer alive.From the list of winners of seven players still to act.