Simple drawing lessons: how to draw a guinea pig Peppa stages?

Peppa Pig - the heroine of the eponymous animated series for the youngest viewers.Funny pig lives with her parents and little brother, go to school, meet friends and participate in various events.Mumps hearted like kids.And manufacturers of children's products offer a variety of toys, clothing, cookware and holiday paraphernalia with your favorite characters.But enticing expensive than buying new clothes, you can try to create their own favorite Peppa.For example, paint markers.The youngest fans of the series, you may need to help adults and older kids will cope with the task themselves.

Peppa - pig in a pink dress

What is this character?Before you draw a guinea pig Peppa, look at her image in more detail.Piggy loves bright shades of red and pink, so in most of the series dressed up in terracotta dress.Once she bought new red shoes, and she began to alternate them with the usual black.But when it's wet, Peppa shoes rubber boots.After jumping in the puddles are so much fun!The shade of her skin pale

pink.As, however, and the majority of pigs.

How to draw a guinea pig Peppa stages?

When animators created the series, though they made sure to portray the main character was a force even the young artist.Peppa deliberately just painted.Her arms and legs, twigs and sticks her face flat.Round eyes have no eyelashes, no trace of detail there.In contrast, the line in some places are closed are not properly attached to that charming appearance Pippi some negligence.To get a believable Peppa Pig, photo it should consider carefully and pay attention to all the details.

begin the process.The first step will outline head.Mumps have almost round face.The line passes forehead to the nose, which is located at the tip of the snout.Eyes have Pippi medium-sized, tidy.But her ears are not too similar to pork - they simply oval, like a hare, only smaller.

In charming smile to our attention immediately.Draw crescent mouth.And do not forget about the round rosy cheek.The figure Pippi plump and angular, with sloping shoulders.Drawing hip-length dress.

Add detail - a hand with three fingers and feet in shoes.Peppa is ready!It remains to color it with crayons, markers or paint.Do not forget about the tail-curl.

How to paint pattern

Before you draw a guinea pig Peppa, we have paid attention to her outfit.Take a bright red pen and gently shade dress.Samu pig painted in pink.An important detail - all deliberately clear outline of the image, contrasting.Peppy contours of the face is dark-pink marker.A contour of her dress handy burgundy.The same color and outline the lips always smiling Pippi.All drawing is ready!

other cartoon characters - draw the same pattern

We thoroughly reviewed how to draw a guinea pig Peppa.You can begin to practice.When drawing the child is ready, maybe he wants to portray and the rest of the family Pig.For those who coped with the Pippi, the difficulties this will not arise.After all characters are similar to each other, except for a few nuances.

So, Mama Pig eyelashes dyed and dressed up in it the same dress like Pippi, it only carrot color.Daddy Pig and obese bearded, his figure is rounded.He wears a light turquoise color.Baby George dressed in blue, it is lower than the growth of Pippi, although madly like a big sister.

draw pig family Pig is not difficult!This exciting experience will love the kid.