Circus in St. Petersburg: the first permanent circus in Russia

assumed that any provincial town in Russia, there is always a circus.If there was no permanent building with her every summer for the entire warm period came tent.Circus - one of the most beloved people of spectacles at all times.

most honored

Northern capital - a very big city.Naturally, the circus in St. Petersburg was not alone.And an overview of these entertainment establishments must begin with the largest being the prominent feature of the city.Ciniselli Circus on Fontanka - is his full name.One of the most important indicators of uniqueness is that in the vast Russian building of the circus was the first stone stationary core structure.Circus in St. Petersburg existed before, but in a wooden building, which was built in 1867 at the Manege Square.In 1875 (it is clear that the Circus on Fontanka oldest) Italian Gaetano Ciniselli whose life belonged to this art form entirely, received permission from the king's government to build a permanent circus.

Christmas Tale

Already in 1877, on Decem

ber 26, just before the New Year, the city received a gift of a fairy tale.On the territory of Engineers park near Mikhailovsky Castle, or rather its southern facade, at the site of the former, the short-lived yet another circus was built new project VA Quesnel.Previously stood on this spot a wooden building in 1827, belonged to the circus Turner, but in 1828 it was converted to the theater.The new stone palace, which was a circus in St. Petersburg, was built in accordance with all the achievements of the advanced engineering and are specialized (with all the requirements of this type of art), unique technical structure.

Amazing parameters

principles of construction of such buildings, for the first time applied in the northern capital, was for many years the basis for the construction of the circus buildings around the world.The groundbreaking was all - the height of the dome at 49.7 m, its original internal support columns, ribbed set of roof from the outside resembles a cup overturned - it was the latest word in technique of construction of such facilities.A new circus in St. Petersburg to meet the needs of the city sights - 1500 seats in the stalls complemented spacious gallery.As a result, representation of both could see up to 5,000 people.For a city of its discovery, of course, was an event.The building was quite magnificent and not inferior interiors and appearance of the renowned imperial theaters."Circus Ciniselli" - so it is a miracle until 1919.

favorite and visited at all times

Then came the State Circus.And in those years, he remained a favorite by townspeople, as well as before the revolution.In Soviet times the building repaired, but supposedly not very good - deteriorated acoustics of the hall, has increased pressure on the dome.In 2003-2004 years renovate the facade.In the autumn of 2014 Circus on Fontanka embarked on a long-awaited reconstruction, which should be completed by November 2015. Fans and employees have placed great hopes on it - should be eliminated mistakes made earlier, and should be returned to the circus historical appearance.However, the team is not idle, and prepared for the new season in a temporary building tent."Great Saint Petersburg" will take viewers in the park Esenina, near the metro station "Ulitsa Dybenko".

«Chapiteau" is still with us

many centuries circus was level crossing.He waited, sad when he left, and the playground emptied (as it is written and shot films).In place of the Russian booths gradually came "tent," and a circus on wheels became so called.Chapiteau a tarp or tent canvas, stretched on a prefabricated.There is also a circus in St. Petersburg.Avtovo is a historic district in the southwest of the city.Known since before Peter the Great, it is on the map in 1699 under the name of the village outs.In 1985 he settled there a circus tent 'Lighthouse', which earlier for a number of years, pitched his tent in front of the Victory Park.But on this site, it was decided to build the National Library of Russia, and all the circus moved to another area, and was called by his name "French circus Avtovo."It was done enormous preparatory work, which resulted in an entirely new pattern of circus tent - stationary.Accurately selected French company "Lucien Walter" has built a unique super-modern building that meets all the requirements of the circus arts.Circus tent in St. Petersburg was another of its attractions.The elegant tent blend in with the landscape of the northern capital.It is unique all - and the design and layout.The townspeople loved this unusual building, opened in 1995.

New trends in the famous city, there is another gimmick, becoming more and more popular around the world, known as the Upsala Circus in St. Petersburg.In the capitals and big cities there are always amazing shocking things and phenomena.The name of the circus itself came up with a hint of a "hooligan" the essence - of stebovogo word "oops" and a circus - "Ala".They position themselves as rowdy circus, although long are professionals with very good earnings.The project has been incredibly successful.But the "tough" style is maintained throughout.There was this mixture of buffoonery and street theater at the same time feeding the Germans Astrid Schorn, which found Minded represented Larisa Afanasyeva.Their pain and care were difficult teenagers, children of the street.In order to adapt them to the society and the idea of ​​using an adventurous disposition and childlike, and on this basis to create a kind of show, where there will be everything - and theatrical performance, and acrobatics, and pantomime.Everything worked out.This circus in great demand, he takes part in international competitions and winning them.The performances, which are a distinct individual character, are always sold out.This circus is unlike the others, and that is good.It has its own building, located at the address: Sverdlovsk embankment, 44. Full name - "Upsala Circus, Ano".