Fighting sports in the sport

Fighting sports are now classified as international (sports), which are spread all over the world - freestyle and Greco-Roman wrestling, judo and sambo, as well as national, inherent to individual nationalities.The latter are distinguished by their specific regulations.

international fight as a kind of classic martial arts is divided into several different types.An exception may be considered judo.This is a Japanese form of struggle, which is widespread throughout the world.


It is based on the rules and methods of action that guide to achieve victory over the enemy.All existing and existing forms of struggle to classify into seven groups.

1. Fight in the rack without the legs and grabs the trunk below the belt.

Group has such features:

1) grips below the belt does not run;

2) is prohibited to carry out methods of struggle feet;

3) it is prohibited to fight on the ground (lying).

main feature of the technology are the power of movement, lifting and throwing opponent or dump

ing him on his back.This group includes Russian "in the fight," Moldavian "trynte-dryapte" Tatar "kuryash" (ill), Uzbek, "Chukchi-Koryak", "Kalmyk" and Greek struggle.

2. Fight in the rack with the legs, but excluding the capture of the waist.

characteristic features of this group are:

- suit with soft zone;

- permitted action kicks.

capture is performed in the main belt.These types of fighting grips allow for a suit from the waist up.In the stalls the fight is not conducted.The group attributed Russian fight "is not in the fight," Kazakh "kures" Kyrgyz "kuresh" Tajik "gusht" (ill), the Turkmen "goresh" Georgia "chidaoba" (III) and other species.

3. fight standing with legs and gripping performance of the waist.

characteristic feature of this type is that the techniques performed with the capture below the belt, while simultaneously applying the techniques down.The common element of costume - zone, which is carried out for grabs.In the stalls the fight is not conducted.These include Tajik struggle "Bukhara gusht" Tuvan "kuresh / khuresh" Mongol "barildu" (ill), Yakutsk "hapsagay" North Caucasus "Tutushev" and others.

4. Fight in the rack, as well as lying without legs and grabbing below the waist.

Fighting sports in this group are characterized as follows: the fight is carried out, and standing, and lying down (ground floor).Admission feet prohibited, as well as the seizure of them.Allowed grips hands, neck and torso.Such rules require athletes heroic strength, ingenuity, endurance.Example - combating international Greco-Roman.

5. fight standing and lying down with the legs and the waist seizure.

Characterized artist receptions gripper legs.This type of carry wrestling, the Egyptian (IL), Greek, Iranian, Persian, "Costa" Pakistani "Kusti" Turkish "Gures" (PI), and others.

6. fight standing and lying down with the action kicking, seizurebelow the belt and painful methods.

Fighting sports in this group are characterized by what is allowed to use any techniques from grabs (exception: his groin, his ears, his Adam's apple, hair).Allow HOLD on the back and the use of locks on the hands and feet.Prohibits only blows and strangulation.Painful techniques needed to force the enemy to surrender.Example - Sambo.

7. Types of struggle in the rack and stalls with legs, the waist seizure, painful and suffocating receptions.

in this group are allowed to use tricks in front and lying with any seizure (exception: his groin, his ears, his Adam's apple, hair) is allowed to hold back, and techniques of pain in his arms and legs.Allowed also chokes on the neck of the opponent.Prohibited strikes only.Example - the struggle "Judo".