Carling Cup - climb to Olympus

Carling Cup, the usefulness of which is regularly exposed doubts in Albion, is of great importance especially for the many clubs in the lower divisions, so-called "quagmire" of the English football pyramid.Those whose club museum is not too burdened with trophies and regalia, Carling Cup provides a unique opportunity to meet with leading teams in England, giants of European football, to play at the biggest stadiums of the country, to express themselves in a loud voice and a bit of cash to fill up a club.This is the uniqueness of this tournament.

Carling Cup, established in 1960, from the beginning caused a storm of criticism and cool to his attitude of giants.The first draw of the tournament was ignored "Arsenal", "Tottenham", "West Brom" and "Wolves."A "Liverpool" refused to participate in this tournament in the period from 1962 to 1968-th years.

Carling Cup is played out among the 92 clubs in the professional division.20 of them are Premier League and 72 - the three lower level English football

hierarchy.The tournament winner gets the right to start in the next Europa League draw.Unless, of course, he did not get a ticket to the European Cups through the championship.In this case, the right to participate in LES goes to the finalist.

League Cup - it's a real unique chance to one day ascend to the small clubs on your football Olympus.Many in Albion believe that only in the lower divisions begins a real English football.England Championship which has always been one of the strongest on the continent, in 1991, established superuspeshny and extremely profitable project - the Premier League.

Workload leading English clubs, and saturation of their calendar reached its climax.Sometimes they have to spend 60-70 matches the highest level and in the heating season.Almost simultaneously with the Premier League here added no less successful, prestigious and lucrative brainchild of UEFA - Champions League.Here grandees of English football and used the League Cup to rotate the composition and as a testing ground for the "break-in" of youth.Plus the lack of motivation on the part of the grandees.Therein lies the secret of the rare success stories of clubs lower English football building.

Thus, in the drawing of CL 2012/2013 season, "Bradford", representing the League 2, the fourth level of the English football pyramid, he managed to reach the final, where he lost "Swansea", representing the Premier League.It was the first time since 1962, the year when the team from the very bottom of English professional football has managed to reach the final.Then likewise distinguished unimportant "Rochdale" eventually lost "Norwich".

But achieving "Bradford" was still unique.He is the only one in history who during his triumphant march to glory time managed to beat the three representatives of the Premier League - "Wigan", "Aston Villa" and "Arsenal".Author decisive goals against "Wilanow" James Hanson before send birmingemtsev behind the tournament, could not score 843 minutes, like accumulating all their bombardirsky potential for personal stardom ...

Procession "Bradford" in the tournamentdistance - a beautiful fairy tale with a sad end (0: 5 in the finals of the "Swansea City").This team has proven over the country (and possibly Europe - CL final broadcast to many countries on the continent), that not only in the Premier League can play football.FA Cup, the oldest club competition in the world, in contrast to the CR provides a unique opportunity not only for professionals, but also several hundreds of amateur and semi-professional clubs in many divisions of the Conference.For example, in the 2007/2008 season in the draw spacecraft took part 731 team.This is very prestigious tournament reigns true spirit of uncompromising English football.