Yekaterinburg Circus - a favorite vacation spot of the townspeople

State Circus Yekaterinburg is among the ten best known and loved in the country.Beautiful, exciting and funny representation of love in Russian and adults and children.Spectacular, mysterious, they are a delight, captivate us with their magic and make believe in miracles.


In 1930 Sverdlovsk (formerly known as Ekaterinburg) circus was in a wooden building in the Kuibyshev Street.After a fire in 1976, four years to build a new space in the city center.

Updated Circus was opened on February 1, 1980.It is named after the famous trainer, a native of the city and its honorary citizen of the People's Artist of the USSR Valentin Filatov.

In 1994 he was appointed director Anatoly Marchevsky - People's Artist of Russia, the favorite of the audience, the good-natured and charming, working in the genre of clownery.After his appointment as the circus really began to revive.Began to invite the best performers from Russia and abroad, we developed a scenario with the participation of the spectators.The

circus folk were, honored artists and winners of the State Prize of Russia - Walter and Mstislav Zapashnye, Tamerlane Nugzar, Igor Kio, Teresa Durov and other stars of the arena.

Since 1996 permanent circus arts festivals, including international.Since 2008, on an ongoing basis to the circus in Ekaterinburg were invited world stars Arena from France, Belgium, Italy, Britain and other countries.In the arena of performing artists Russian and foreign music, are a variety of concerts, festivals and celebrations.

original building

With the arrival of a new director has significantly changed the appearance of the circus, both outside and inside.It underwent a major reconstruction of the main room, its technical re-equipment, as altered and landscaped adjacent territory.

unusual building with a semicircular roof of openwork arches attracts tourists from afar.Its design is suited for the most demanding directorial dreams and creative productions.The original building has excellent acoustics.

interior of the building is decorated with Ural stones.Constantly there are two arena - basic (intended for competitions), and the rehearsal, which allows artists to prepare even during the performance.There are 2558 seats.

If you want to see the best in design to the circus in Europe, be sure to visit Yekaterinburg.

Circus.Program for children

Time arranged a special presentation for the little ones.In addition, a whole series of activities for children with disabilities, orphans and children from orphanages.In addition to free performances in the arena of the circus employees also go to the hospital with a mini-performances for sick kids.

When organizing working children's studio air gymnastics and acrobatics.It is set in a variety-circus studio "Harlequin".For kids 3-4 years of open group of the early development of "Game of the circus."

Besides charity performance for children at reduced prices and free performances for seniors, the disabled and members of low-income families, as well as performances to mark the city's events.

most famous productions

the first time as a serious competitor on the Yekaterinburg circus started talking in 2006, when the play was staged, "Take care of clowns."This performance is dedicated to famous circus performers and film Yuri Nikulin.Production had no analogues in the country and immediately attracted attention, and the artists were invited to the Moscow Circus for exploring the capital's residents with a wonderful creative project.No wonder that Yekaterinburg was the venue for the grand World Festival of Clowns in 2008.

House circus

structure was put into operation in 1980.This house - Circus hotel for participants of performances coming to town.The building is considered the best residential complex for touring in Russia.In the House of actors equipped with 33 residential rooms for touring circus and 33 commercial rooms.

apartment more like a one-and two-bedroom apartments (Suite has 3 rooms).There is a kitchen, bathrooms, balcony or loggia.

Just ten meters from the hotel itself Yekaterinburg circus.Prices for commercial accommodation is quite affordable - only 1000 rubles.per night (single room), in addition, the cost of any apartment includes free breakfast.

House provides actors and extras.On its territory there is the following:

  • own snack;

  • solarium;

  • massage room;

  • sauna;

  • beauty salon and cosmetics;

  • dental office;

  • closed parking lot;

  • car rental.

accommodation set clock video surveillance, protection of work items and offers free Wi-Fi.

Circus "Du Soleil".Ekaterinburg

Guest viewers in October 2011 were filled with emotions - the town came the famous circus "Du Soleil".It was the first known French in Russia, and it started the tour in Yekaterinburg.Famous acrobats, crazy stunts - these ideas for a long time remember the audience.On the two-hour show, which took place with few interruptions for 14 days, it was impossible to get tickets.

to deliver props for the show were involved twelve huge trucks.The performance was attended by fifty artists.

location, operation

Yekaterinburg State Circus located at the intersection of 8 March and Kuibyshev on the embankment of the river Iset.Open hours: from 9-00 to 19-00 without lunch.

The building is organized Museum of Circus Arts.This is the only gallery in Russia, where all the exhibits is allowed to take over.

House artists located a few meters from the circus, at ul.On March 8, 45. The hotel is open around the clock.