How to tie a bandage boxing?

Boxing - a common type of sport, which involved two men beating each other's hands in special gloves.The fight lasts from three to twelve rounds, followed by a special person, who is with the participants in the ring during the match.If you win the round opponents an equal amount, the winner is determined by a special jury.The first such fights were held in ancient Greece.

Today, everyone knows about the sport through various competitions and championships in which the best fight the best fighters.Each of them has its own inventory.This particular color shorts, gloves, pain medicine, water bottle, special bandages for boxing and various other tools by which the number of injuries is significantly reduced.For example, in order to avoid clearing the teeth and jaws, wear boxers mouthpiece.

Bint boxing - a strip of cloth, through which the athletes reduced the number of dislocations and fractures of the hands and fingers.It also helps build your fingers in a line, which makes blow stronger.Another chal

lenge is considered the absorption of sweat from the hands of a boxer, so he did not get on the glove, so that they can last for much longer.The most important task - is a precaution to fracture knuckles on his hands, which are already considered occupational injuries among soldiers.

Before each fight rivals should discuss weight gloves that he was the same, otherwise the battle will not be equal.Because the lighter gloves are applied to the most severe and hard knocks.

Every coach and boxer has his methods of how to tie boxing bandages on his hands.Different versions serve different purpose.The only problem could be to limit the size and material of the bandage on the competition.Some of these can be used repeatedly.There are special gloves, which can replace bandages, and they are much easier to use, but not so effective.

There is a basic method of how to tie boxing bandages.It is a device to wrap around your wrist, and then it circled counterclockwise around the thumb.Palm thus should be vertically upwards.This is followed by the remaining fingers of wind.

There is also a huge number of different attacks, counters, exercise and weight categories, which are distributed all fighters.

Many parents from an early age send their children to boxing section.Some want to further their son became stronger the best fighters in the world, such as Roy Jones, Lennox Lewis and Mike Tyson, while others just want their child learn self-defense and managed in difficult times stand up for himself and his girlfriend.Importantly, do not forget how to tie boxing bandages to warn the child from injury.Do not mess up his life at such a young age.

Knowing how to tie a bandage boxing, you warned your hands from painful injuries.Catching up in boxing, you increase not only your fitness, strength of character, endurance, and a good self-esteem and self-confidence and of victory over the enemy.