Who has the biggest shock in the box?

Many seasoned fans in boxing for decades observed the fighting, said that in recent years the sport has become more technical.Entertainment events with several diminished competitiveness fighters demonstrate outside the ring more active than on it.Perhaps such remarks are not without foundation.However, now the event of serious boxing matches in which contestants show excellent sports equipment, a strong will to win and the most powerful onslaught.Demonstrating the strongest blow in boxing, the athlete earns not only bonus points but also hot adoring audience.

Among the most impressive moments of boxing always the first to come to mind knockouts.It is an indescribable spectacle, when the only successful kick radically change the course of battle.And one of the boxers who seemed to an outsider suddenly after a precise hit wins leader.In time made the biggest shock is able to give birth to champions.That is what attracts the audience, the audience hungry for such a spectacle and for him to buy expensive


most memorable battles are legendary.They become a part of boxing history, prompting the fans again and again review the records.

The impact assessment is the importance and the suddenness and the use of technology, and the importance of brought them victory, and the power of the opponent.Physical strength, embedded in the most powerful punch in kg can be calculated in impressive numbers.For example, it is believed that the maximum impact force of 1900 psi (800 kg) showed at his peak heavyweight boxer Earnie Shavers.Slightly less powerful blows George Foreman and Mike Tyson.

According to the other boxing experts actually famous boxers punching power did not measure never was fixed only knockout component.For such measurements, and no special meaning - jogging biggest shock and harsh, characterized by an equal force, will have different results.Measure the force of the blows carried out boxers, you can get different ratings.However, definitive conclusions on them can not do.Someone most powerful left hook (as David Tua), the other - the right line (Lennox Lewis).But overall, boxing is considered the most powerful hook to the beating hand.

classical ideas about boxing involve footwork (footwork) and the housing.Legs with the half-bent, hips deployed, the steps are performed on the toes, the strongest kick is taken on the jump.The stopping power is put your body weight and the speed of movement of the arms, legs and fists.The value has the coordination of movements (the ability to rapidly connect the whole body, skill dovorachivaniya body).To maximize the power stroke is required to stand firmly in the ring kicking, pushing the body and legs firmly putting the power in your hand.

In studies conducted in order to determine how best boxers inflict a heavy blow, it was found that the greatest physical force can be applied from the unsupported position when both feet do not touch the ring.The case rests almost vertically, before the kick is a powerful impetus to the feet in the air, but because the swing is invested almost entirely by hand.So the momentum of motion get stronger.

Generally, after tracking a number of fights, knockouts completed, the conclusion that the force of the impact, of course, important, but it is much more important than the technique and its application accuracy.