The strongest kick in football: from Roberto Carlos to Lukas Podolski

Strike - one of the most important elements of football, this game of millions.Without it goals, which, in turn, is the main goal of the game, its culmination and apotheosis.Beautiful and powerful blows lead in admiration of fans, experts, professional colleagues.Many stars of world football have a devastating impact forces.

immediately can recall offhand Juninho Pernambucano, famous for his ideal of strength and precision penalty throughout Europe, as a player of the club "Lion".Always their "shots" extraordinary powers famous Dutch midfielder Frank de Boer.Now perhaps the most powerful blow in football from Brazilian striker Petersburg "Zenith" Hulk (Zhinivaldu de Souza).Hulk, while still a player "Port" in the Champions League scoring Donetsk "Shakhtar" direct free-kick from a distance of forty meters.The ball was sent with such force that he was just "broke" the hand had time to react and the ball sank into the net.After the match, the goalkeeper of "miners" Alexander Rybka admitted that with a

blow of such phenomenal force and such an incredible trajectory, he has not yet encountered.

Hulk for this is not an isolated case - like it shows on a regular basis.Just the trend of modern football world is that the technical means for fixing these things are only in large and rating tournaments such as the Champions League, European and World Championships.

In the eighties the biggest shock in football belonged to Ronald Kumani, terrible penalty is feared by all goalkeepers in Europe.Not every goalkeeper could react to his foot sent the ball.Great defender of the Munich "Bavaria" and "Bundestima" Lothar Matheus too, at one time claimed the title of the player with the biggest shock in football.In general, this list can be continued indefinitely.Still, one has the biggest shock in football?On this question, there are several options.

a long time, the unofficial title of the player with the biggest shock in football, retained the legendary Roberto Carlos.This full-back, played for his long and sverhuspeshnyh career in a variety of well-known clubs - Brazilian "Palmeiras" and "Corinthians" Milan "Inter" Madrid "Real" Istanbul "Fenerbahce", became famous not only for its robust protective actions and outstanding speedcharacter (which he had also fully), but as the owner of a fantastic strike force.

Penalty Roberto Carlos will forever remain its main "business card".After he hit the ball flew at a fantastic rate in a completely unpredictable trajectory, breaking all the laws of aerodynamics, and landed in the corner of the goal.However, over the years, the frequency of defeats the purpose of such "deadly shots" he declined slightly.But in the twilight of a career, doigryvaya in Makhachkala "Anji" Roberto Carlos is sometimes distressed rivals his irresistible beats.Like his first free kick in the Russian championship he made the gate Nalchik "Spartacus."

officially registered record is now owned by the German striker Lukas Podolski of Polish origin, had not known before, "cannon" shot.At the 2010 World Cup in South Africa in a match "Bundestima" against the Australians in the eighth minute of the meeting "Prince Poldi" set a record by becoming the player with the strongest kick in football.The ball, which was started it as a sling, from a distance of sixteen meters accelerate to 201 km / h.