How to fight: A Practical Guide

Do not think that this article is an attempt to encourage you to aggressive behavior or distrust of others.But each of us can find yourself in a situation where the power of words, persuasion and reason would be useless against someone's fists and anger.Of course, normal people rarely like to fight, if they do not make it in sports competitions.But in the modern world to fend for themselves should be able to every person.But how?Correct fight - it's not as easy as it seems.

First of all let's see, when to use force.Situations in fact are different, and before you hit the person, you should be completely sure that this is impossible to do without.In some cases, there is no doubt:
- if a man swung at you or your companions;
- if he sticks with the threats and does not respond to rational arguments;
- if he tries to take away your property.

There are times when it is better to run away and not to engage in hand to hand conflict, especially if you do not know how to fight.On the street there is always a

way to escape, and if you're quick enough and you do not have satellites that can not run, it is better, of course, do not expose yourself to unnecessary risk and retreat.

What if the fight is still inevitable?The ability to fight back largely depends on your mental attitude.If you think at the time of the attack that now to hurt the other person, then you focus on the wrong things.Struck the soft, and you yourself will become an easy target for the offender.Do not be sorry man who became against the aggressor you: you are protecting your life and personal independence.Your punch carries justice, not pain.

Remember that people are very dependent on obstoyatlstv, and he learns to fight, if it is demanded of him conditions.Even if the school you are all hurt, but from physical education at all was the release, it does not mean that you can not stand up for themselves, even if you do not know how.Right to fight - not to have a good physical preparation.There are a few useful tips for street fights:

- if possible get rid of clothing that's stopping you, or where you can get lost (including scarves and ties);
- stay calm and composure, look the enemy straight in the eye - there is a chance that he will be frightened and retreat, or simply lost their self-confidence;

- assess the situation, see if there are nearby a stick or other object to which you can resort in case of need;

- Calculate retreat, if you have multiple opponents.

not forget that it is very important to make a fist, four fingers pressed to the palm of your hand and close the top with your thumb.Strain fist only directly impact, or quickly fizzle.Movement should be accurate, but not tense.Maximum focus on the object of their aggression;mark better in the most vulnerable places such as the groin, face, neck.If you have fallen, but the enemy continues to attack, cover your head with your hands and try to get up.The outcome of the battle depends on your self-confidence, so do not lose self-control.

Now you know how to fight.Let's hope you never have to apply this knowledge in practice.In any case, remember that nothing is more precious than human life.