The exact size of a football field

Everyone knows that football field has the shape of a rectangle.The game is played on grass, but in some exceptional and artificial turf.Often the properties of artificial turf are trying to bring to the natural grass that can be seen in its annual change.There are standard dimensions of a football field, which have the value of 105 meters in length, and at least 68 meters wide.But at the moment the size of a football field can vary in width from the lowest of 64 meters to a maximum of 75 meters.A length - from 100 meters to 110 Golf training are smaller football field, in contrast to the present.With regard to the size of a football goal, it must also conform to the standard dimensions: width - 7 meters 32 centimeters, and their height - 2 meters 44 centimeters.Golf goalkeepers also performed according to international standard, composes of 18 meters 32 centimeters in length, because from each rod futobolnyh gate toward the sidelines to be five and a half meters.Also, these same five meters and a half

lay in the depth of the field, which means that the width of the goalie area, too, the five-a-half meters.

The standard size of a football field and determines the size of the penalty area.Its length is 40 meters 32 centimeters as from each goal post towards the borders of the field, measure 16 and a half meters.Towards the center of the football field the same 16 and a half meters will determine the width of the penalty area.In order to position the players on the team a penalty kick near the penalty area is applied to the arc of the circle whose radius is equal to 9 meters and 15 centimeters.And the center is the point of the penalty box.In every corner of the imps arc whose radius is equal to one meter, its center is located at the corner of the football field.In order to determine the distance from the player who performs the corner kick to a player who is in the wall, like a football goal line, and at the side line, the mark applied within a distance of 9 meters 15 centimeters from the edge of the corner radius.In the corners of the football field set special flags.In the middle of a soccer field on the middle line, which divides it into two equal halves, causing a point around which draw a circle.The radius of this circle is 9 meters 15 centimeters.In order to arrange the technical staff on the football field reserve players on a football match defined area, which is called the technical.It is applied at a distance of one meter from the area, which is reserved for the bench players.

Also important is the fact that all the lines are marked on the football field should be the same width of 12 centimeters.This line width is taken into account in the size of the football field.The size of a football field, which corresponds to a world-class - this is an important moment, as well as the properties of the ball.Its parameters and kind also governed by special rules.As the ball - the main object of the game.