Yekaterinburg Drama Theater: address, poster, website

Yekaterinburg today - one of the largest cities in Russia.His greatness, he is obliged to the Soviet period of our country's history, during which a small county town of Perm province has become one of the industrial centers of the Union.During the time on the map location listed as Sverdlovsk, he had become more and major theater center.Today the capital of the Urals in the number of sites ranked third, behind only Moscow and, of course, St. Petersburg.According to official statistics, the city has 27 theaters and a private institution of this orientation.At the same time, according to national estimates, the amount of scaffolding on which play different troupes, more than 4 dozen!The largest of these are the title of "academic".It is believed that the "supplier" of talent for metropolitan scenes is precisely Yekaterinburg.Drama Theatre can rightfully be called one of the leading institutions in this field.Later in the article read more about the history of this institution.

Troubles beginning

Yekaterinburg always loved the presentation, and the city was popular with touring companies and theatrical enterprises so that in 1843 for their performances specially built wooden building.Two years later it was rebuilt in stone, it still exists today - it is a cinema "October".In troubled times, people are always drawn to beauty.Acquired in a "turbulent" time of his stage and Yekaterinburg.Drama Theatre, which today is considered one of the city's favorite cultural spots, was born in 1912.The unstable situation in the city (it was the center of the revolution in the Urals), the stage is not much affected, because like all the sights.Therefore, the performances given during the shooting of the royal family (in power were red), and when the All-Russian government of Admiral Kolchak took Yekaterinburg.Drama Theatre continued to work and back again when the Communists.Last, contrary to stories about their lack of spirituality, and increased the number of urban scenes.

After the revolution

industrialization and construction boom 20s of last century seriously affected many areas of the country.Due to the active construction of metallurgical and machine-building "giants" to a whole new level rose all the industrial Urals, in particular its capital - Ekaterinburg.Drama Theatre like for yourself builders and metallurgists.Their hopes were answered.First, in 1928-1929 the building of his house is now a cinema "October", and then the first city theater, acting team chose "Red Torch".After playing a season, the troupe had already left the Sverdlovsk and moved to Novosibirsk, where he remained.A year later, a new drama theater in Yekaterinburg opened its doors.The premiere of the play showed 2 October 1930, and it was called in the spirit of the times - "The First Horse".We put it on the play revolutionary playwright Vsevolod Vishnevsky.

first shots

In the first performance, which presented Drama Theatre (Ekaterinburg, photo agencies can be seen above), part of an enabled troupe was already solid.The status of "academic" institution acquired later in 1977.In the state of including such stars of the theater scene of the time, like Vsevolod G. Orda Mikhail Alexandrovich Betsky.Both later became the honored artist of the RSFSR.Completed troupe Moritz Myronovych Shlugleyt known theatrical figure and administrator to this work in the famous Moscow theater Korsch.The presence of stars in the starting lineup and has attracted less well-known actors, who at that time did not have time, as they say now, light up.However, not all was smooth.In the first season Drama Theatre (Ekaterinburg), the poster of which at that time was no less intense than it is now, was not an independent unit.The institution, according to the fashion of the universality and gigantism, is part of the Unified Organization of entertainment.In it, except him were Lunacharsky Opera and the newly formed Theatre for Young People.Enlargement of public entertainment for the whole year could show its inconsistency, and has since 1931 sent in the SATD free floating, thus changing its leadership.Shlugleyt lease its duties and powers are not less talented successor, who was the director of the theater in the next 10 years.Through its activities troupe replenished whole galaxy if not great, it's a great actor, some of them have received the title of People's Artists of the USSR.

Classic and revolutionaries

During the first decade of its existence, the Sverdlovsk Theatre, contrary fashion, did not succumb to innovative trends and building your repertoire, relying on the Russian school of dramatic art.On stage, at the request of the time, gave performances dedicated not so long ago the last revolution.This is referred to "The First Horse" and "Death Squadron", "Spring Love", "Plato, Merlin."We do not forget about the classics - put "Woe from Wit," "The Marriage of Figaro," "Anna Karenina."The most popular were the performances "Tsar Fyodor Ivanovich" and, of course, "Othello."Do not hesitate to put a theater director and a modern foreign prose.Residents of Sverdlovsk in the Soviet Union saw the first performances of works by Karel Capek.In 1939, a year after the death of the Czech writer, on the main stage of the capital of the Urals, the premiere of the fantastic drama "Mother."The success was such that for the next season has been staged another of his play "The Makropulos Affair".It it was a question of immortality.

competition against the backdrop of the global tragedy

In 1941, the number of spectators at the Sverdlovsk Drama Theater has increased dramatically.In the city in connection with the beginning of World War II, we evacuated variety of industries, businesses and organizations.Besides the organized settlers, there was the mass of refugees from all over the Union.It would seem, according to the laws of the market, the troupe was to be easier to work with - the demand for increased spectacle many times, moreover, among the "new" citizens were many people in the arts.However, in the theater, as well as in the country, it was a difficult situation.Besides that managers were replaced every couple of years, there were serious competitors.Among the evacuees turned MAT organizations and the Central Red Army Theater.The rivalry with Moscow stars of the audience's heart went with varying success.On stage SADT demonstrated, at the behest of the time, mostly patriotic performances: "Field Marshal Kutuzov", "Front", "guy from our city."But again, we do not forget about the classics - Chekhov set "Uncle Vanya."This performance in 1944 won first prize at the All-Russian review.

All for the front!

Sverdlovsk, has become a very important center for engineering and metallurgy, working what is called depreciation.His contribution for May 1945 is truly invaluable.Do not lag behind the working people and actors.Also quite often the prime and constant competition, theater and tactical work involved.Special concert brigade during the Second World War a total spent on the front half of the year and gave about 2000 concerts in front of the soldiers.The work was conducted in the rear - in hospitals.Actors Sverdlovsk troupe took part in about 16 performances in front of thousands of wounded and employees of defense enterprises, conducted jointly with colleagues from other cultural institutions.Work directly in his hometown and was aimed at victory.In addition to raising the spirits of workers of local factories, company is engaged in the material fed "people's struggle".The defense fund actors have 824,000 hard-earned rubles.And he received his share of fund for children of soldiers - they Sverdlovsk cultural figures sent 90 thousand rubles.

repertoire opal and Revolution

Any war, even victorious, bringing changes to society.Two years after winning the Sverdlovsk Drama along with yesterday's competitors - the Moscow Art Theatre, TSTKA and other scenes - falls into disgrace.In 1946, the Central Committee of the All-Union Communist Party adopts a decision on the repertoire of institutions of culture and measures for its improvement.Now the performances have to be ideologically and "blagonravstvennymi" and not include sedition, koyu saw the majority of classical works.As a result, the repertoire policy of the theater changed abruptly.A number of favorite performances is closed and the change in their performances come on, to put it mildly, bad plays by contemporaries, the only plus that - following the "precepts of Lenin."However, diamonds are among the modern authors are sought.Briefly put the play the author of "The Kuban Cossacks", Nikolai Pogodin, "velvet" season.Life is short play - the Soviet press statement is not highly liked.See the spectators and the "Girls" three-time winner of the Stalin Prize - Vera Pogodin.Performance is put before the official publication of the play.The first Sverdlovsk actors show "road first" Athanasius SALYNSKY.Moscow Drama Theatre on the product of the staged "brothers" only three years later.

Period awards

any censorship short time and after a decade of opal comes to naught.Sverdlovsk Drama Theatre returns to the classics.In the early 70-ies of the 20th century are touring troupe in Moscow.Metropolitan public Sverdlovsk actors showed "Boris Godunov", "Mindaugas" and "At the time in captivity."Performances adopted by the "cheers" is not only the audience but also the critics.And past achievements do not go unnoticed.So, in 1977, the theater was voted one of the best in the Soviet Union and received the title of "Academic", and three years later was awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor.Becoming the Sverdlovsk Academic Drama Theater, the scene more than its name has not changed, though the city is called in a different way.

New Era In the early 1990s, the Soviet Union ceased to exist.After it disappeared from the map and Sverdlovsk - he returned to the historical name.However, the theater is not affected.The institution was founded in the Soviet Union, but because, by and large, no relationships to Ekaterinburg has.The only thing that changed the Drama Theatre (Ekaterinburg) - address.The scene moved from the 10th house on the street Weiner, which was from the opening, in the 2nd house on October Square.

Modern life

Today Sverdlovsk Academic Drama Theater - holding it again.However, not so huge as in the 30s of the last century.But nevertheless, it holds a leading position in the new Unified entertainment organizations.Has today Drama Theatre (Ekaterinburg) official website ( the pages you can learn more about the history of the institution.In addition, the site Drama Theatre (Ekaterinburg) contains information on the putting performances, tours, tickets cost.