Artists expressionists and paintings

In Soviet times, it was quite a large number of artists who represented the unofficial art of the USSR.One of these artists was Lucian fungi.

born and worked Gribkov Lucian in Moscow, he participated in joint exhibitions with other artists.He painted mostly oil paintings in the direction of abstraction.This is one of the most memorable artists of the period of the "thaw".

style of the artist

working style was very close to abstract expressionism.This style during the thaw became a cult, its characteristic features have been erratic and skewed images of objects, which is fully symbolized the emotions of the artist.Also allows drops paints on canvas paintings were drawn mostly broad brush, strokes which have never been adjusted.
impossible not to mention the attitude Lucian Gribkova to the studio "new reality".It is a creative union of the time in which established artists abstractionist.The studio began its existence in 1950, and broke up about 1950-2000 years.

Foundation Russian abstract art

Lucian Gribkov belonged to fund Russian abstract art.This fund was non-profit organization that has been confessed to promote the cultural, political and social requests.The purpose of the community was to convey to each person the beauty of abstract art.
The fund included educating people and the search for new talent.Last forced to organize the studio "new reality" in which head was Belyutin.It was an outstanding and talented people.He was one of the chief who played a very important role in the development and popularity of abstract expressionism.

Artistic Activity Lucian Gribkova

Graduate studio "new reality" was Lucian and fungi.In addition, he has been active in artistic activities, regularly visited the so-called "Belyutin faculties", participated in many seminars.Lucian fungus in his works often use a combination of blue, green, red and yellow flowers.This gave him the opportunity to express their thoughts and personality.

paintings by this artist, and all the canvases of abstract expressionism develop thinking, make you think about life, and sometimes the feelings of the author of the canvas, his experiences, thoughts.These pictures look good in any interior and will never go out of fashion.Lucian Gribkov painted stunning paintings, participated in many exhibitions and is actively engaged in the development of abstract expressionism.