Attractions Moscow.

most visited city in Russia considered Moscow.Museum of the Soviet Army - it is the attraction, which requires special attention.Further, the article describes the history of its discovery, described the main exhibits are exhibited in it.The reader can also get acquainted with some events held in the facility.

How it all began

In the post-revolutionary period academic staff have repeatedly raised the question of the organization of a unified military museum.However, their wish at the time was not implemented.And the culprit was the plight of the People's Commissariat of Education.A Defense Ministry refused to finance the project.It explains the fact that the soldiers only harm the exploits of the defenders of the old regime.But in 1919, still decided to create a Museum of the Soviet Army.These changes were due to the fact that the main crisis of the Civil War is over.Manage the process of creation of institutions tasked MK Sokolovsky, because he was the greatest expert in the field of military museo

logy.In order to perpetuate the exploits of the Defenders of the Fatherland were allocated rooms on the first floor of the store, known today as the GUM.But the distribution of shopping malls museum leaders have not shown perseverance, and as a result they basically got Vetoshny line number.

New exhibits

The following years were marked by the completion of major museum complexes.The staff of the institution respond quickly to any reforms in the defense area of ​​the Russian Federation.Samples of new types of weapons manufactured military equipment, and personal protective equipment is very quickly brought before the eyes of visitors.

Central Museum of the Soviet Army

This institution was founded at the end of 1919.His exposure fully convey the history of the Armed Forces of our country, starting from the moment of their inception to the present day.We can rightly say that this is one of the greatest military museums in the world, which has in its collection more than 800 thousand exhibits.This includes rarities that are directly relevant to the lives of the characters of Russian history.And here you can find items belonging not only statesmen or generals, but also ordinary soldiers.In the museum you can see the awards, banners, weapons and items used machinery and equipment soldiers.And here presented as a relic of our country and other countries.Additionally, visitors can get acquainted with a number of the captured pieces.Everyone can see how our country is developing in terms of arms since 1918.To this end, the exposition of military equipment, which is located on the outdoor observation deck.It holds in its area of ​​more than 150 artifacts, ranging from artillery shells and ending with ballistic missiles.


Museum of the Soviet Army periodically organizes expositions.And not only on its own territory.So, many times, many defense industry exhibits exhibited in other venues in Moscow.In addition, the opportunity to get acquainted with the military might of Russia and a number of regions of our country.At the institution has a branch, which is in the possession of the memorial room of the great commander Georgy Zhukov.Museum of the Soviet Army offers each visitor a broad educational program.It includes tours of the collections stock, observation deck and halls.Also, anyone can plunge into the atmosphere of the military and enjoy frontal cuisine in the restaurant "Ah, the road ...".In addition, the museum kiosks are located, in which each visitor will be able to buy miniature models of military equipment, various souvenirs and literature.It should be noted that to date, the agency can not provide people with disabilities with all comforts.So be sure to take this into account before planning a trip.


The museum is more than 15 thousand rare books.These include important documents, photos, personal items soldiers, weapons and awards.The research team put a lot of effort to create this exhibition.And it can be seen even on the area which it covers (5,000 sq. M).All materials for ease of reference were exhibited in chronological order.So, for example, the history of the Russian army and navy (until 1917) takes 1-3 minutes halls.And get acquainted with the post-war development of our country in the defense sector is possible in the rooms numbered 19, 20 and 21. Anyone who wants to witness the might of our country, should visit the institution.Address to which a museum Street.The Soviet Army, d. 2.