"Demon" Vrubel - brilliant creation of the era.

How sad to say this, but many men of genius during his lifetime were not appreciated.From the history books, we can conclude that the past was quite ill and somewhat wild.So, a lot of architects, artists, philosophers and writers were an example of shame for the citizens.Some were executed, others were tortured, and some have disappeared altogether.However, after their death, all has changed dramatically.And the "dirt", as they called the people working talented individuals, today referred to as a true masterpiece, which seems to be or who can not afford to repeat.Works admire, inspire, and sometimes simply can not take his eyes from such perfection.

Mikhail Vrubel - artist of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries

5 (17) in March 1856 in a family executive officer born small Mikhail Vrubel.Within a few decades it has become famous throughout the Russian Empire, and in different genres of art.A talented man has shown excellent results in graphics, painting, decorative sculpture and theater.It was a

multifaceted man, never rest on our laurels.He has given the world unmatched murals, decorative panels, wonderful paintings and book illustrations.Vrubel was considered a very complex man and artist.While not everyone would be able to unravel the essence of his paintings or understand the meaning of bends his sculptures.

Since childhood, Michael loved to draw and enjoy the enchanting scenery around.When he was eighteen years old, his father decided that the young man should enter the Faculty of Law at the University of St. Petersburg.While Michael was quite indifferent to this science and went to study just because of the will of the elder Vrubel.He was fond of the philosophy of Kant, attended performances, falling in love with theater actresses, arguing about art and drawing constantly.Anything that comes into his head, soon to appear on the canvas.

life of the great artist Vrubel

Creativity is often associated with 1880.During this period, Michael studied at the Imperial Academy of Arts, and created his first masterpieces.All teachers have seen leadership and excellence boys over other students.The first watercolors, which conquered the entire Academy, became "Piruyuschuyu Romans" and "Presentation in the Temple."It is in higher education were visible change in the young man.Because of the irresponsible, windy boy, he was a talented and strong man.Paintings MAVrubel so subdued teachers and guests of the Academy, that after a while the professor Prahov invited Michael to Kiev.He invited him to work on the restoration of the St. Cyril's Church.Vrubel, in turn, agreed and began to paint icons.He has created unparalleled murals, depicting the Virgin and Child, Cyril, and Athanasius Christ.

In addition, a great artist made sketches intended for the restoration of St. Vladimir's Cathedral.In the end, Michael worked in Kiev, about five years and has become much wiser, harder and developed his talent to the next phase of work.After 1889 the artist changed his work, which is only a picture, which is often popularly referred to as "The Demon of Vrubel."

Further work in the field of art

about three years, a great artist doing arts and crafts.This period is called the Abramtsevo.Briefly describe the work of Mikhail Vrubel possible for the following achievements: he created the project of the facade of the house Mamontov and sculpture "Mask of a lion."

Anyway, for many painting - this is the main area in which he worked Mikhail Vrubel.His paintings have a deep sense that everyone interpreted them differently.A talented artist never paid attention to the framework and rules, he did and achieved really great results.Michael in his youth already safely entrusted huge project, as customers have confidence in their luxurious and fast execution.

Vrubel worked with the best masters of their craft and architects, among which stands out Fedor Shekhtel.Together, they made out the legendary house Savva Morozov.It should be noted that Michael also participated in exhibitions and participated in the design of performances and even once went on tour with the troupe of Russian private opera Mamontov.

Mikhail Vrubel loved works of Lermontov, as well as the spiritual world and the life of their idol.He tried to imitate him and sometimes expressed emotions taivshiesya in his soul on canvas its unsurpassed pictures.Mikhail was a strong personality and tried to make their work every tragedy, resilience.This picture of "Demon" Vrubel successfully combines the features of romanticism, melancholy and ambiguity.Many art lovers tried to explain what constitutes this image, what is the meaning it carries and what the author wanted to convey these strokes.

Painting "Demon»

«demon» Vrubel - this image of this tragedy, which still denies evil.The gist of it is that a noble person stands for the side of good, but nothing to do with the powers of darkness.Evil still wins, it pulls the powerless and manages selfish, vile purposes.Here, many writers draw a parallel between Lermontov and Vrubel.The first demon - this is not the creator of evil, but only his offspring, and Mikhail is well aware.He is trying to portray the contrast of colors on the canvas, so that everyone who saw the picture immediately and unconditionally realized where the evil, and where good.In summary, we note that the "Demon" Vrubel - is nothing more than a struggle between two forces: light and darkness.Of course, each person decides that powerful, and some argue that the author prefers the forces of darkness.

note that the hero is also not frightened, lost man.He is strong, powerful, confident, and at the behest of the events he has no choice.The hero must contemplate what is happening.From this it becomes powerless (evidenced pose in which he sits - hugging her knees).The man does not want to be in this place, but he has no choice, and he watches as there is a demon.Vrubel, say, specially painted a picture on a narrow canvas.So he subconsciously did not give much space to evil, that is, the demon closely, and from this it seems even more daunting.Of course, his power is tamed, compressed.This can be seen in the figure on the muscles, posture and facial expression of the hero.He was tired, exhausted, depressed ... But still Vrubel makes his ideal of the perfect person.

essence of the "Demon" in the works Vrubel

plot that drew Vrubel ("Seated Demon"), tells the story of his fatigue and helplessness.Nevertheless, the author revives the picture of the crystals that sparkle in the garb of a hero in blue and blue colors.You can also see the stunning landscape that might seem bizarre to some, but this is its charm and.Overall, the picture "Demon" Vrubel filled with gold, red, purple and blue tones that give it a completely different look in different lighting conditions.The work of Mikhail Aleksandrovich explicitly emphasizes the importance and beauty of the protagonist.The demon, though terrible, powerful, but still looks nice.

most important thing, so to speak, the essence of painting lies in its sense.And it is that the demon - a symbol of a complex, unfair, the real world that is collapsing and going again as a mosaic.It is the fear of the people present and future, who can not find a way out in life, where there is evil and hatred.Description of the painting Vrubel "Demon" can be found in various sources, and the importance of the image will be treated as different.However, most researchers believe that the author wanted to convey sadness, anxiety, which is interwoven with grief and depression, concern for humanity and its continued existence.That was the theme of the artist's paintings, in that direction, he worked his last years of creativity.Perhaps that is why the painting Vrubel considered one of the most difficult, somewhat cruel, but fair and touching.His paintings are striking in their depth and originality;skilful combination of colors and backgrounds.

history of the paintings "The Demon»

picture, written by Vrubel ("Seated Demon"), was created in 1891.The work appeared after Mikhail Lermontov studied in detail work.Some of his works, he drew wonderful pictures, one of them was depicted a demon.The sketch was created in 1890, and exactly 12 months later the work was completed.Only in 1917 the painting entered the museum.After a while she began to attract attention, and today is considered a masterpiece.So, inspired by the poem Lermontov was born painting "demon."In addition, Vrubel also wrote many wonderful works related to this unit.Surprisingly, the difference in their writing - nine years.No one knows what caused the resumption of work, but the painting "Seated Demon" was not the last.It was followed by the new work.In 1899, exactly nine years, was introduced yet another masterpiece that created Vrubel - "Flying Demon".

This work caused a variety of emotions in people.The picture was completed by this master who perfected his system of drawing.She was depicted as the protagonist, but with wings.Thus, the author wanted to convey that gradually pure soul is captured by evil and evil spirits.The demon is depicted on the canvas is quite clear, but at the same time blurred.He's trying to swallow a hero who had gone on his subject.Written for a long time to improve their creation, constantly tinkering with some of the features of the picture.It is important that Vrubel to understand exactly who the demon.It is believed that the devil - a horned, insidious creature that can lure a man to his side.As for the demon - that is the energy that can capture the soul.It is black, which condemns man to the eternal struggle that will not end either in heaven or on earth.It is this and would like to convey to the public Vrubel."Flying Demon" - villain who prevents people to demonstrate willpower and stay on the good side, that is, to be fair, honest and clean mind and heart.

Demon Prostrate

From a series of popular works devoted to Lermontov's poem, also released a picture "Demon Downcast".Vrubel finished it in 1902, and she was the last in this category.Perform work in oil on canvas.The background of the author took the highlands, which is shown in the scarlet sunset.On it you can see the cramped figure demon like sandwiched between the frame beams.Never before has the artist is not working on his paintings so passionately and with such obsession.Demon Prostrate - is the embodiment of evil and beauty at the same time.While working on the film, Mikhail wasted himself.He tried to portray the impossible, sought to show the drama and conflict of life.Vrubel's face at work is constantly changing as if he saw the new fragments of the film, lost and confused in his memory.Sometimes the artist could not even cry over the web, so much he felt.What is surprising is that Lermontov wrote six versions of his poem and thought that none of them can be considered complete.He was looking for what was not, he sought to convey to the reader what he did not know until the end.Approximately the same thing happened to Vrubel.He tried to draw something that had no idea, and each time, after finishing painting, the artist found an error and tried to correct them.

In fact, the image of evil is often found in the works that introduced the world to Vrubel.Description of the painting "Demon Downcast" is to ensure that in the end the protagonist defeated evil spirits.In other words, everyone can fight for themselves and constantly work on themselves, improving their skills, developing and enriching his inner world.So Mikhail gave his opinion about the demon and the whole evil in the world: it is possible to win, and even the need to deal with it!

picture "Demon Downcast" Vrubel painted in a unique style: with crystal faces, flat strokes that were made palette knife.

Disease great artist

Unfortunately, "Demon" Vrubel did not bring anything good to the artist.He is so deeply imbued with it, the sympathy to all the people on the ground, thinking about life, and other philosophical things that gradually began to be lost in reality.The last picture Vrubel - "Demon Downcast" (the last of a series written for the poem Lermontov) - was in Moscow gallery and was ready for the show.Every morning, the artist came back and corrected the details of their work.Some believe that it was a feature by which became famous Mikhail Vrubel: his paintings have been thoroughly thought through, so we were perfect.

For writing the author of the surrounding more and more convinced that he had a mental disorder.A little later, the diagnosis was confirmed.Vrubel was taken to a psychiatric hospital and assured his family that he is in a state of manic excitement.Information about the deterioration of his health confirmed.Mikhail once said that he was Christ, then claimed to be Pushkin;sometimes heard voices.As a result of the survey, it was found that the nervous system is broken artist.

ill Vrubel in 1902.As a consequence, he was diagnosed with tertiary syphilis.Author behaved very strangely in these years.First, find the illness, he was sent to the clinic Svava-Mogilevich, then transported to the hospital of Serbia, and later sent to the Usoltsev.Why is this happening?This is due to the fact that the treatment did not help Vrubel, on the contrary, the condition worsened, and he became so violent that it almost kept four nurses.After three years, the changes in a positive direction has occurred, the disease worsened.At that time, the artist's eyesight deteriorated rapidly and he almost could not write, which equates to an arm or leg amputation.Nevertheless, Mikhail was able to complete a portrait Bryusov, then completely blind.In the clinic of Dr. Bari artist spent the last years of his life.He died a talented painter, incredibly intelligent, honest and fair man in 1910.

Topics creativity Vrubel

In fact, the artist wrote to his real-time picture.Vrubel portrayed the movement, intrigue, mystery and silence.In addition to the work associated with Lermontov's poem "The Demon", the artist introduced the world to the other masterpieces.These paintings include "Hamlet and Ophelia," "Girl on the background of the Persian Carpet", "fortune-teller", "Hercules", "Mikula Selyaninovich", "Prince Guidon and the Swan Princess", as well as many others.In these works, you can see luxury, love, death, sorrow and perishability.The artist performed many paintings in the Russian subjects, among which the most popular "The Swan Princess", written in 1900.Also terrific job considered such works as "The Angel with a censer and candle", "By Night", "Pan" and many portraits of prominent personalities.

way or another, all men will be remembered masterpiece that made Mikhail Vrubel - "Demon", as well as a block of pictures associated with the poem of the Russian writer, showing feelings, emotions and experiences of the common man, which absorbs evil and betrayal, hatred and envy.And, of course, in a series of these works are presented other images.

Vrubel and his demon

famous and talented Vrubel visited Muse, which prompted him to write the painting "The Demon", when he was in Moscow.Not only does the poem Lermontov was the basis for the creation of masterpieces, but also the environment: meanness, jealousy, disgrace the people.A good friend of Mikhail Alexandrovich - Savva Mamontov - allowed the artist to take at the time of his studio.It notes that it is in honor of this bright and devoted human Vrubel named his son.

Initially Mikhail did not know exactly how to portray the demon, with a precision in the guise of one.The picture in his mind was vague and required refinement, so one day he just sat down and started experimenting, constantly changing or adjusting their creation.According to the artist, the demon was the epitome of human suffering and sorrowful.Yet he believed his majestic and powerful.As noted above, Wrubel Demon was not the devil or the devil, he was being abducting human soul.

analyzing creativity Lermontov and Blok, Vrubel only convinced of the veracity of his thoughts.It is interesting that day Mikhail reworked image of a demon.