Lesson for beginners: how to draw Elsa from "Cold Heart"

After watching the animated film "The Cold Heart" many viewers have a desire to paint the main character.This is not surprising.This tutorial will tell you how to draw Elsa from "Cold Heart."It is precisely adhere to all conditions and tips, and at the end get the most correct image beloved heroine.These images begin marking the main part of the picture, that is, the trunk.And then you need to go step by step to the image of the desired character.


How to draw Elsa from "Cold Heart"?Quite simply, most importantly, do the work slowly and in stages.But first you need to choose: whether a picture in full-length or just a person.Of course, more interesting character to portray in all its glory, from head to toe.We can not forget about the scale, all the parts must be symmetrical and in compliance with the necessary proportions.

Schematic drawing

how to draw step by step from Elsa "Cold Heart"?The first thing to do is to portray the main sub-frame to facilitate subsequent creative process, to ou

tline additional lines for arms and legs.Elsa will be displayed in motion, so also need a basis for capes heroine.

Then, using the frame start sketching out the contours of the head of Elsa.The second stage is entirely devoted to painting the face of the heroine.Depict charming cold expressive eyes girl, imagining her eyes focused on something very important.When we derive a neat little nose, thin, slightly upturned eyebrows, much attention to smile trying to accurately portray graceful girl lips.The third step is to outline the auxiliary lines, through which we draw the hands of an older sister.Limbs are sending in all directions, as if the character is stuck in one of the favorite cartoon frames.Then go to the image of the body.This is the easiest step in the drawing, try to accurately convey the narrow shoulders of a girl slender waist.The heroine is portrayed in half-turn, you as close as possible to the original convey her posture, manner of moving.And seamlessly with the body go to Elsa's long skirt.By the way, it is somewhat shortened front and rear - elongated.Feet girl portrayed in the motion, one - slightly raised and bent at the knee, as if she is going to be turned on skates on the ice.But she is brilliant glass slipper.And the main work has already been done, so how to draw Elsa from "Cold Heart" is not difficult.


return to the girl's face and begin to paint the hair.In the cartoon from Elsa strands are laid in long, a little sloppy braid.That's how we have to pass the girls hairstyle.The next stage - drawing of beautiful light capes heroine.She - like the continuation of the Elsa.Cape is very similar to the graceful long wings.It is necessary to pass the maximum lightness of the piece.

last step

final stage of drawing - applying the necessary colors.But before that, you need to very carefully delete all auxiliary lines.With face painting, special attention should be paid to the eyes and eyebrows so they have turned more expressive.You can lightly with your finger to smudge the pencil.All the colors of the cold as winter.Do not use too bright colors.That's all the conditions instructions on "How to draw Elsa from" Cold Heart "".If you follow them, you get a great result.The more that the work not only takes a lot of time, but also brings great pleasure for the artist.

Drawings "Cold Heart" pencil (Elsa) - it's a great gift for fans of the cartoon.