Drawing Secrets: How to draw a "KamAZ" pencil

To perform a believable figure "KamAZ" or other machines using a pencil, do not have to be a genius.Just follow the detailed instructions on how to draw a "KamAZ" and it will reveal all the secrets of graphic art virtuosos.

Where to begin to start

arm tools, because the quality of your work, as well as its simplicity will largely depend on the selection of the right materials:

  • drawing paper.Learning the basics of art should start with choosing the right type of paper.For beginners, it is desirable to stop his attention to medium-grained - draw on it "KamAZ" will be much more interesting and easier than usual.
  • sharpened pencils.To be sure to get a set of drawing pencils for sketching with different degrees of hardness.After all, this tool defines the specifics of how to draw a "KamAZ" (or anything else), and the end result of drawing.
  • Eraser is better to choose a two-way, one half of which will remove the light pencil lines, and the other - fatty traces of lead.
  • Stack for shading.This is a spec
    ial wand, with which the shaded part of the figure are ground into a single monolithic color, and the picture looks more realistic.
  • Visual Aids.Before you start, it is desirable to once again see all the details of the item you want to transfer to the paper.To do this, select the appropriate graphic.Carefully look at the picture and imagine in any simple shapes superimposed on each other, each detail is "Kamaz" (circles, ovals, squares, rectangles and triangles).Then you will be able to have a rough idea how to draw a "KamAZ" pencil stages.


Each element try to apply a thin outline of light strokes, so they can be easily erased after the reference lines will be not necessary.In order to better understand the future pattern and sizes correctly plan space "KamAZ" on paper, divide the sheet into four equal squares.In the lower two wheels schematically Draw "KamAZ" and his body.Drawing wheels, remember that the diameter of each should be equal to half the height of the body.Center wheel circumference, place below the base of the cab and the body.The first pair of wheels should be directly under the cabin, next - depending on the model of the machine and your imagination.Before you draw a "KamAZ", it is important to calculate the proportions of the figure, and then not have to delete the already streaking and start all over again.

squares in the upper body and put the cab of the machine.Try to observe proportion.The height of the body is usually half the height of the cabin, but it will look different, because under the body and the chassis is still located.Do not forget to draw the mirrors, windows and doors in the cockpit, "Kamaz", as well as a massive tank.Remember that the window occupies 40 percent of the area of ​​the cabin.

Drawing parts

This step instructions on how to draw a "KamAZ", begins with the front of the machine: Draw windshield and parts for them, license plate lights and wipers.Bevel the front of the cabin, if it is provided in your model.Apply shadow and smudge-colored parts, using different shading for different types of objects and the same for the parts made of the same material.In the same sequence Draw back of the car: the wheels and chassis (lower square) and the body (upper square).Remember that the hatch of these pieces must be larger, in contrast to the front of objects.So drawing will look harmonious.


can now move on to the coloring of the picture.Erase the rough lines and add where you need the hatch.Color the picture with crayons or shading method, using pencils of different softness for different items "KamAZ".Drawing, Feather using the stack, or the paper will look more realistic than painted in the usual way.

Picture a beautiful frame for your "KamAZ" Doris asphalt or gravel, and the picture will be a real masterpiece worthy of the head of your bed.

Now you know how to draw a "KamAZ" in pencil.For a plausible pattern just need to create the right framework to adhere to the specified proportions, color object by shading and give free rein to their imagination.And then do it!