What grieves Swan Princess Vrubel

Mikhail Vrubel forever remain a mystery to the world culture.

So is genius: it is the country around him seething emotions, passions run high, rumors say, and this recognition comes late.Contemporaries appreciate the wonderful gift of Vrubel, only when he was on his deathbed.Artists proclaimed a symbol of the era.On the "wondrous colors" in the works Vrubel and "whimsical drawings stolen from Eternity" he said in a farewell speech at the grave of the painter Alexander Blok.Painting "The Swan Princess" Vrubel hung in the office of the poet in Shakhmatovo.

Russian myth

Vrubel always attracted poetry tales, folklore mystification, rooted in the images of mysterious magicians and wizards of folk works.The first major artistic experience in this area has become a monumental panel "Mikula Selyaninovich", which introduced the Master in 1896 at the National Exhibition in Nizhny Novgorod.The work caused a scandal, the St Petersburg Academy of Fine Arts Commission has recognized the work of "non-fiction"

.It could not hurt four decades of the artist.However, it soon appeared in Vrubel muse that inspired him to do in the spirit of Russian folklore.The artist met with the singer Nadezhda Zabiela, fell in love, hearing her unique voice - "a smooth, light, soft svirelny, full of colors," as remembered contemporaries.This wonderfully echoed in the artistic consciousness Vrubel with expressive shimmering shades and tones of its kind painting.The artist and the singer got married in the same year.

history of painting

To create paintings "The Swan Princess" Vrubel inspired opera Rimsky-Korsakov's "The Tale of Tsar Saltan" by AS Pushkin, where the role of the fairy maiden Bird played Nadezhda Zabela-Vrubel.At first it was conceived as a costume sketch for the play, but then grew into something much bigger - the mysterious and alluring way, hypnotic longing for unearthly worlds.Painting "The Swan Princess" Vrubel became a kind of anthem of the female form of the modern age - irrational, almost ethereal, elusive, and heralds some changes.

Music color

Dive into the world of music by Rimsky-Korsakov was a salutary turning point in the creative destiny Vrubel.Nadezhda Ivanovna, the artist's wife, recalled that, for example, the opera "Sadko" Mikhail heard a hundred times.He said he could hear the orchestra forever, especially sea scenes that whenever it finds a new fantastic colors.Their master embodied in his marvelous works.These shades and tones breathe and inspired "The Swan Princess" Vrubel, established in 1900.

The paintings Vrubel's almost impossible to see the colors of a sunny day.He loved the transition states - sunset evening nascent morning.The coloring concentrates special attitude of the artist, his propensity for irrational passion for mystery and a sense of anxiety, spilled in the world.The color palette of the artist melt overflow pearly tones in the dusk like liloveyuschem harmonious consonance of music.Such was the timid and elusive portrayed the one whose name is The Swan Princess, Vrubel.

Description web

The slowly descending to the ground line of scarlet dusk with sunset Princess sails away, she looked back to take the last and meaningful cautionary gesture Guidon.The saddest sight froze her anxiety and grief, while those beautiful eyes gaze strangely cold and indifferent to worldly vanity.Swan Princess Vrubel sad about something invisible behind the veil of the visible world.Another moment - and it becomes a wondrous white swan.This bird is in the worldview of symbolism embodies the inspiration that can break through the rational world and carry a dream into other spheres.

quiet thrill comes from the painting, which twinkle gem in an expensive headdress, burn the same precious shine on his pale face eyes beautiful virgins, scarlet fall reflections of the setting sun on a sea ripples, transparent veil of air and huge white wings.

nothing to do with stately rosy and cheerful beauties Princess, what they traditionally represent illustrators of Russian fairy tales, has no Swan Princess Vrubel.Its crystal image is much closer to the face is not the mythical Aphrodite, not to the enchanting appearance demon Lilith.

promise of happiness

angelic face of the princess's face resembles another angel - fallen - from the last paintings by Vrubel.The image of the artist's restless demon pursued for decades, he saw in him the spirit is not so much "evil" as "to suffer and overbearing."However, the Swan Princess can not be likened to the fallen angels.It has resistance, patience and the power of true love, and spells it entirely on the good side, for whom she seems ready to sacrifice life itself.That is why the appearance of the mysterious and shrouded in a gentle and majestic beauty, captivity Tsarevich Guidon.

person at all times dreaming of transcendent mystery and fairy tale with a happy ending.On one of their delightful tongue colors and images he told M. Vrubel Swan Princess lives in every seeker of poetry and magic heart.