What is a transfer in football

In football, in addition to games, there is also a second aspect, which concerns the financial issue.True fans will follow not only the results of matches, but also for the transitions of their favorite players.Move players from one club to another is called transfer.What is a transfer?

transfer, as I said, is to move a player from one club to another.During the transition, the player signs a contract with a new club, in which data indicated salaries, bonuses and, of course, the amount of the transfer.Sometimes the amount is not paid, it occurs when the player's contract with his previous club expired and he moved on a free transfer.

Every football fan knows what a transfer.Sports magazines and websites are always published the World Wide Web at the information about the possible transitions.Transfer - an important part of any player's career.If you ask the players about what a transfer for him, he will say that this is one of the most important parts of his professional life.It is in this period t

o decide with whom and where it will sell itself as a football player.

Often transfers accompanied by loud scandals as transitions often occur due to conflicts within the team players and conflicts with the coach or the club management.Such moments, of course, spoil football as a game, but develop it as an advertising business.

player transfers directly engaged his agent, who solve all the financial and legal issues.There are times when the agent performs certain player his cousin.

buying and selling of players clubs can be made in strictly allotted time of year designated by UEFA.During the year, offers two windows for the transition.The first period begins in early July and lasts until the end of August - this time called the summer transfer window.There is also the winter transfer window, during this transition period, players are allowed from 1 to 31 January.There are some similar periods in the domestic championship, when the clubs one country can produce transitions of players from one team to another at the agreed time, the football federation.

The transfers, as well as in some games, have their own records.The biggest price for a football player was offered a football club Real Madrid (Madrid) - 94 million euros.That's how much the Spanish club paid for the famous and talented player, then still defended the colors of the English club Manchester United - Cristiano Ronaldo.This transfer record not broken until today, although there were many suggestions, which even twice his place.

UEFA plans to introduce a limit on the carrying out of transfers.Such a proposal argue that football should be returned as a game, because now he is more popular as a business.What is a transfer now?Fans are more interested in football is not the transition itself, namely the amount which, in turn, gives rise to much debate.