How to hit the ball in football?

Playing football is made up of many components: technology reference pass vision of the field, etc.But the most important qualities that should possess a footballer, is a blow.After all, thanks to the strong and precision solved the most basic goal in football - to score a goal.Many novice players are asking themselves the question of how to hit the ball.

With today's development of football, there are many techniques of hitting the ball.All master impossible, so you need to know the basic rules and techniques you develop for yourself his.With each game will advance your goals and acquire unique characteristic traits.In order to develop a qualitative, well, it is important to know the rules, which I will describe.Before describing the rules, I want to indicate that there are several kinds of punches, so I'll describe the easiest - using the swing.

Strike lift provides more contact with the ball of the foot, which greatly increases the speed and accuracy.This direction of the most difficult but mo

st popular in football.If you master the technique strike the rise, you will learn how to hit the ball.

Before describing the rules, I want to indicate that there are several types of touches, so I'll describe the easiest punch elevation.

Footballers often referred to as his "cannon", because of the high speed and the distinctive "fidgety" during the flight.Any footballer to the question of how to hit the ball, replied that it was a blow rise is the most correct and useful.If you look at a football game on the goals of professional footballers, you are sure of the correctness of their words.

So, details about the rules.

  • Before kick you need to move away from the ball at the correct distance.This distance should not be too short, but not too large, about 1-1, 5 meters.
  • You have to take the correct position, depending on which foot you hitter.If the striker left leg, then you need to get right, if the right - to the left.
  • Takeoff must be prepared carefully, with uniformly calculated the number of steps.
  • supporting leg should be placed so that the center of the foot with the center of the ball.
  • Strike is producing dramatically, placing the foot flat on the rise of the middle ball.
  • After contact with the ball of her foot should be conducted on the desired direction, because it is the wrong way, and he will fly.

to inflict the heaviest blow on the ball, you need to make a good swing sharply to break.Sharpness in this case is of great importance, because it was she who controls the speed of the ball.

With all these rules, you will understand how to be properly developed technique of hitting the ball, it requires more than one day of practice.It was on the football field during the game mastered the science of clogging goals against.Do not stop when faced with setbacks, blows practice every day, and you'll get results very quickly.For a more effective learning is better to use the advice of trainers and experienced colleagues.And do not forget that football is not a member of the penalty, and penalty corner, the ball must be able to give, nice to see the enemy and its partners in the field.A good footballer must be able to count the enemy a couple of steps forward.With all that you are familiar with the time and learn how to hit the ball.