Wax Museum in St. Petersburg is admired by all visitors

first exhibition with the wax figures took place in the 18th century in Europe.It could get anyone.

tradition of wax figures do come from Italy.There are rich and famous people loved ordered his statue to leave a memory for posterity.Then it became fashionable in England, Germany and France.Began to open various exhibitions and museums.Masters modeled how alive and deceased celebrities.

idea of ​​creating a wax figure came to Europe from the ancient East.There, since the 16th century, sorcerers create small figures and used them in their rituals.In ancient Greece, also made of wax images of the gods and in Ancient Rome, a cast removed from the face of the deceased, to carry his picture beside the funeral procession.

In Russia the first twins of wax appeared thanks to Peter the Great.During a trip to Europe, he liked the idea of ​​wax figures, and he brought out a copy of his own head.And it can be considered as the first exhibit.Wax Museum in St. Petersburg obliged the idea is great ruler.

Creation Museum

Peter I, who pinned down admiring the wax figures, invited foreign artists to create them.At that time, copies of copies of itself could afford only wealthy people.Museums for public viewing Wax all comers were not.

In 1988, in St. Petersburg was created the first collection, and developed its own machinery for their manufacture.Opening of the exhibition were in July 1990.The main exhibits were royal figures and famous people of the 18th century.The exhibition was held in Peterhof.

now a wax museum, whose address is known to every inhabitant of our second capital, located in the Stroganov Palace on Nevsky Prospekt.He is one of the richest (collection of more than a thousand exhibits) and large exhibition organizations in Europe.

Topics museum

At the entrance to the Wax Museum in St. Petersburg, visitors are greeted figure guard in camouflage worker and two bystanders.Some people take the exhibits for real people.The working staff of the museum, even given the nickname San Sanych.

largest bay in the museum is represented by historical figures, starting with the statues and busts of the rulers of ancient times and ending with the current figures of celebrities.Section with the world's history includes the world-famous philosophers, poets, kings and artists.Subjects Biblical story describes the whole stories.The exhibition "Myths of old and new" demonstrates the fabulous and mythical characters, as well as modern works of fantasy."Curiosities" is a copy of the attention of people with various physical abnormalities in development.There is also a room devoted to the history of torture and executions.

How are figures

Wax Museum in St. Petersburg has its own workshop on creating exhibits.They create real professionals.Making Wax - is a long and laborious process.We need at least six months for the manufacture of a single figure.Sculptors, make-up artists, historians, and other experts postizhery working to create doubles of wax.

work always begins with the collection of information about the character.What it has its own gestures, facial expression, head turning?After careful analysis, the figure is cast in parts.Then makeup artist manually create wrinkles, folds of skin, nails, veins and other small parts.

eyes used to create these prostheses, for a beautiful smile - dentures.Used only natural hair.Each hair is implanted individually hot needle.Working long.Then the hair trimmed hair and makes it necessary.In the same way they operate the eyebrows, the eyelashes.

new technologies in the creation of figures

Now Wax Museum in St. Petersburg began to produce artifacts of silicone.This technology allows you to keep the exhibits in the open air, in spite of the weather and temperature conditions.

One of the advantages of the museum is to create moving shapes.This is possible through an electromechanical drive, controlled by a microcontroller.The software allows you to create "the effect of a living person."The museum's displays are in full size with all the smallest details.

User Reviews

Museum Wax Museum in St. Petersburg does not leave anyone indifferent.Anyone who visited him, remembers his fascinating journey through the halls of a lifetime.Customers having fun taking pictures with figures of celebrities.The museum like all age groups.He is one of the guided tours for tourists in Saint Petersburg.Wax Museum (reviews which are generally full of enthusiasm) recommend to visit and pointed out that no one can remain indifferent, looking at the huge and interesting collection of characters assembled in it.