Alfred Sisley.

There are artists whose paintings seemed thoroughly imbued with light and air.This is Alfred Sisley.When you look at his paintings, you want to find yourself in the sunny and beautiful world that the painter saw and the power of his artistic talent was able to pass the vision on canvas.One of the fathers of Impressionism - Camille Pissarro - once said that every time Sisley wrote in new ways.From the mouths of venerable artists such words sounded like the highest praise, because it is the quality he considered fundamental to impressionist painting.However, during the life of this talented artist he was unable to obtain recognition from critics and the public, and died in obscurity and poverty.

Alfred Sisley - biography, career start

future artist was born in Paris, 30th October 1839.Happy parents named the newborn Alfred.It was a wealthy family, the father of the child has successfully traded in silk and was able to give his son the best education and training.Of course, senior Sisley dreamed that h

is son would follow in his footsteps, and so when Alfred was 18, he was sent to England to comprehend the commercial business.But commerce is not attracted to the young man, and painting.In England, he became interested in painting landscapes of Turner and Constable and Bonnington.

Upon returning home, Alfred Sisley goes to study in art studio Gleyre.There he meets Auguste Renoir, Claude Monet and Frédéric Bazille.All four of them are looking for new ways in art, so academic education Gleyre them quickly disappoint.Sisley friends went to a picturesque town Chailly, near Fontainebleau.That's where he starts his artistic career.The artist always gave his heart sweet Provincial landscape.

further life in art

In 1866 Alfred Sisley works a lot in the open air at Marlotte with Renoir.In 1866 he paints landscapes in Honfleur.Then, the artist draws Argenteuil and of course Port Marly, which is particularly fond of him.

parallel with the work of Sisley starts to participate in exhibitions.For the first time the critics have paid attention to him in 1874.I must say that the artist did not feel a great need for glory.He was reserved and shy nature, he did not aspire to leadership.Perhaps these qualities prevented him to achieve the success that accompanied his comrades - Monet, Renoir and Pissarro.

After 1877, Alfred Sisley completely ceases to be exposed and fully devotes his time to painting and family.He lives very modestly, receiving for his paintings mere pittance.With fellow art practically did not communicate.But difficult life circumstances can not reflected in his paintings.Landscapes Sisley is still permeated with light and joy.

In 1897 Sisley arranges solo exhibition.But criticism has responded to her absolute indifference, which was a big blow for the artist.In 1899, at the age of 60 years died Sisley and waiting for recognition.

Sisley paintings

In his landscapes Sisley has always sought to convey the subtle play of light and color, which he observed in nature.His paintings are characterized by fine scale, their motives are simple and charming.

Then you can read a short list of the most famous paintings, which gave the world Alfred Sisley.Pictures of "Village on the Seine", "Walk in the suburbs" were born in the suburbs of Paris."Haystacks", "Boats at Bougival", "Area in Argento", "Flood at Port-Marly," "The Village Voisin", "Beach Oise", "Orchard in spring", "Sen near Suresnes", "Channel Loing'"washerwomen at Bougival", "Meadow in the BBC" and others were written by the artist in different years in different parts of France.

Sisley paintings in Russia

Unfortunately, in Russian museums are very few paintings by Alfred Sisley - or rather, only two.The Hermitage is possible to see a great painting "Village on the Seine", another name of this painting - "The town of Villeneuve-la-Garren."And another landscape entitled "Frost in Luvesenne" is at the Museum of Fine Arts.Pushkin in Moscow.