Features drawing pencil how to draw a lizard

Many of us have seen a lizard.However, the continued contemplation of reptiles only a few moments.But what do you do if you really want to recreate the image of this creature in the paper?Consider an interesting way to draw a lizard in stages, through which you will be able to draw the desired pattern, having at hand a few colored pencils and eraser.

Arsenal tools

To draw a lizard, you will need the following tools:

  • Paper.
  • pencil.
  • Colored pencils.
  • Eraser.

If you are having trouble with how to draw a lizard, or you paint it the first time, you can be guided by the image from the Internet, similar to the one that you need.Many professional artists paint when something new is used in the references of - the approximate image of the desired exposure.They help to recreate the most plausible and necessary details to see the correct form.

Location lizard paper

Before you draw a lizard, consider how it will end up an image on paper - the scale, color, detail.If you want to make the lizard looke

d beautiful and believable, it is necessary to portray it so that it is completely fit on a selected area of ​​the paper.Do not forget to leave a bit of space on all sides.Bottom should be twice more space than at the top.On each side - the same distance not exceeding the lower.

base figure

Draw lizard pencil will not be difficult, if properly applied the basics of drawing.Image reptiles best to start with the head.To do this, draw an oval and mark the rest of the body, glancing from time to time reference.Then measure the pencil, how many times there is a large body of his head.It depends on the posture lizard on the auxiliary picture.Accordingly, the size of the resulting draw an oval longer.Add a tail like a snake.In length it should be equal to the body.

trunk and extremities

Now you can move on to the foot.There are four lizards.Place them in pairs along the edges of the torso.Compared with a photo, which serves a model, draw the spine and abdomen.Then move on to the eyes.They should be represented in the form of ovals, bisected by a vertical strip.Draw the mouth and nose, draw a lizard.As for the reptile's feet, they are a bit like a frog.When you draw your fingers, do not forget that the front legs are located directly, while on his hind legs - one finger bent back, the lizard was easier to cling to and climb during the movement.

Texture and color

Add lizard personality, covering her skin characteristic folds and pimples and back - longitudinal stripes.Draw in the tail intricate pattern.He lizards are different: triangular, oval, drops.

Now you can start coloring of lizard: Ridge make dark green, sides - grassy and abdomen paint the pale shades of light green.There is a great way how to draw a lizard in the style of "fantasy".For this bit to change the range of colors, creating a transition from dark on the ridge to the lighter on the belly.

final stage: background

Abandoned pre-space helps you make the image more believable.Create a lizard around the natural environment: the grass, the leaves of the trees, you can also put it on a branch.The main thing that the lizard is not merged in color with the rest of the picture.Create background pencils other shades.Far plans to make little lighter lizards, leaves and branches next to it - a little darker.This will give the film a visual depth.For greater effect, create a foreground, depicting several large dark leaves in the bottom corners of the sheet.The viewer gets the impression that he sees the lizard secretly.

We hope that you, our handy guide on how to draw a lizard.Feel free to hang a picture on the wall and enjoy their successes.