How to fill their fists without compromising their health.

Modern life, in practice, requires not only the ability to choose the right words, but also to stand up for themselves and others in the truest sense of the word.Sometimes in such cases, nothing but a good blow, will not help.Mostly strikes are hands, and therefore the question of how to fill their fists, concerned not only sports men.Of course, basic skills and knowledge of technology needed, but the soft part of the body of the shock to do anything without harm to themselves it is unlikely as well, and vice versa.

go directly to the topic of how to fill their fists properly and efficiently, it must be said that this should be done gradually and systematically.Initially, it all starts from the selection of the necessary equipment.These are in most cases are a variety of accessories stuffing called makivary and hard surfaces.

most elementary makivary are covered with a soft material boards, as well as mounted on a wall or other surface stack of magazines.Stuffed his fists - it is the result of pain

staking enough and, as already mentioned, a gradual work.Dug plate (pole), covered with material or rope, brick wall, floor affects the blows dealt by the two front knuckles (the index and middle fingers).Fatten the bones of the ring finger and little finger is not recommended, as this part is not being used for the application of the normal shock, and has a lot of nerve endings.However, before using his fists fill makivary, you must try to carry out a long time knuckle bracing exercises: standing on a fist and squeezing them, push-ups on the knuckles with tearing off the floor.By the way, the last exercise is one of the most effective ways to combat surface knuckle padding.

Adjusting applied force strikes the makiwara and contact with the floor after tearing a push - the main indicator of the packing.It is also important to remember the right clenched fist at the time of impact and the position of the brush, which should be worked out on an automatic level in order to protect the hand from trauma.A training process, in Vol. H. And packing must be done with special wound bandages.

tamping process itself is working out two directions.First, the pain of nerve endings on the surface of rough skin knuckles blunted, and secondly - strengthens bone at this point.The latter is due to microdamages arising after the collision knuckles with a solid surface and the subsequent increase of bone mass.

It should also be remembered that not only the question of how to fill their fists, to stand before the man, prepares himself to active self-defense at any time.All parts of the body except the head and groin, lend themselves to a certain extent stuffing.Iron Fist must be combined with knowledge about the right of strike, as well as general physical fitness.

From the above it can be concluded.Stuffing of fists and other body parts, as well as the physical and psychological preparation for battle are of great importance in today's troubled world, where for any angle can wait striker.