The boat is inexpensive to buy.

We are all with you clearly understand: in our country, not everyone is able to afford to buy a normal car, what can we say about the boat?Nevertheless, the history of the development of production in Russia in recent years, very rich.Created, developed and reorient their production, many companies and shipyards.As a result, between them there is some competition, which is well-known economic laws leads to a more affordable small boats.So cheap to buy a boat is quite real.We can not say that today a modern boat or boat can afford to buy one, but to talk about the budget, you can have the courts.

instance, are booming production of vessels made of composite materials (fiberglass, carbon fiber, thermoplastic).The cost of manufacturing hulls of these boats are not very great, and the time it takes less.This allows you to market relatively inexpensive products.For example, a material such as fiberglass, ideal for the manufacture of boat hulls.It is very easy, with durable and water-resistant.And, very imp

ortantly, the material allows to obtain any desired contours of forms (than can not boast of manufacturers of metal and wooden boats).

This means that the boat can be bought cheaply!It is significant that today more than 90% of small-tonnage fleet abroad is the court made on the basis of fiberglass.However, even foreigners are recognized: the Russian manufacturers in the quality of the material more scrupulous than their counterparts in the West.Our compatriots for making boats take better raw materials.The result is fiberglass, which is a durable, tough material, completely indifferent to corrosion.

Structurally consists of FRP reinforcing fiberglass and special resins which are joined together, represents a solid monolith.The body of the boat has a high thermal insulation characteristics, perfectly absorbs noise and vibration, providing comfort to passengers.Maintainability fiberglass boats surprising substantial or minor cracks (holes) can be easily sealed with resin or fiberglass patch.Externally repair is invisible!Moreover, the repaired area becomes even stronger.

course, aluminum boats and fiberglass boats stronger.However, the whole thing is that this strength is sufficient for normal operation of the vessel.Emergencies, disasters, and the elements, of course, can not be excluded, but even on a metal boat, you can not feel safe.And fiberglass can!Why is that?Because the body of such vessels are usually made on the technology "shells in the shell."In intercase space are small and numerous bays with air or polyurethane foam.Therefore, your boat, even punched not sink.

course, produce large boats and yachts made of fiberglass unprofitable.However, the small boats (rowing boats, motorboats, boats for fishing, travel, watersports, rescue), many enterprises have successfully manufactured.Typically, this full-scale production vessels with a length of two meters and a half to eight and a half.

It should also be said about the appearance of fiberglass boats.It is well known that their aesthetic characteristics are very high.Housing material is characterized by bright and rich colors, which eventually did not fade.No other material is not capable.Wooden boats need all the time to tint as aluminum.