Manufacture of fiberglass boats

Currently, many companies and shipyards of the country are establishing production of fiberglass boats.Basically, this composite material is used for making small boats hull and interior elements.Fiberglass is surprisingly easy and at the same time strength.In addition, it provides excellent resistance to temperature fluctuations typical for Russia.Normally boats produced using seamless technology, that is, each hull is molded integrally.

GRP boats are in great demand among anglers, hunters, hikers, travelers, athletes (water skiing), boaters, lifeguards.They are distinguished by high seaworthy, as the technology of manufacturing fiberglass hulls produces lines of any complexity, including trimarans.Moreover, from a manufacturing standpoint, the process is simple and has a low cost.As a result, manufacturers produce high-speed boats, and pretty cheap.

production of boats made of fiberglass is more profitable than the production of vessels made of wood or metal (aluminum, steel).They are practical,

they will not rot, rust and have excellent wear resistance.Of course, their strength is not as great as that of the metal, but the chance to break the board, however, is not so great (unless you do it on purpose).Some experts are testing a fiberglass body on the audience by hitting it with a hammer, he maintains.

In case the owner of the boat is still "managed" to get a hole, you can not be afraid of flooding.Typically, these vessels produced by technology "shells in the shell", filling the space between the "shells" in small compartments with two-component polyurethane foam.As a result, even punched through the ship will never sink.Moreover, passengers can use the boats as part of the lifeline.

Today a fishing boat trying to buy many fishermen.It is inexpensive, reliable, easily transportable, it does not require special conditions for winter storage (you need only disconnect the engine and put it in a warm place).An important advantage of fiberglass boats and ships is their appearance.It was noticed that they look more bright and colorful than the same aluminum.Wooden boats must regularly tint, while, as the colors do not fade fiberglass from the sun, water, salt and wind.

About fiberglass

This composite material is a new polymer.Its composition is simple: it is fiberglass, which is impregnated with resin (it can be different, depends on the quality of the final material).Separately, a frozen pitch is no good, it is fragile.But it can help to qualitatively "link" glass, which is not afraid of any attacks, not compressed, not stretched.Furthermore, it is not illuminated and is hygroscopic.Properties future fiberglass can "tune" as appropriate by changing the amount of glass fiber and resin.

Fiberglass is lighter than steel three and a half times, with the same durable.With regard to its thermal conductivity, it is the thermal conductivity of wood.Ease of fiberglass boats can carry it on the trunk of a car or trailer.Any additional treatments of dyeing and coatings, these boats do not require.Just keep the ship clean!As for housing repairs, it takes a short time and traces of it does not remain.