Knockout Punch: How to put it?

Anyone anything knows about martial arts and martial arts knows that a victory over the enemy can provide a single knockout blow - a blow that leads to a state of knockout.

Knockout called a special state in which a person loses control of his body and can not continue the bout.

Of course, such a blow can cause not everyone.Only a few extremely strong people can send the opponent in the knockout with one hand without any training.For others, it can be done only after many weeks of hard work.

Of course, it is best to work out a knockout punch with a partner, under the guidance of an experienced coach in the section or the fitness room.But not everyone has the time and money to attend special classes.What do these people?

Fortunately, it has long developed a special set of exercises by which production can be a knockout blow and at home.This complex includes testing of three main parts of such a strike.This breakdown, acceleration and hardening.

Disruption called the most rapid and unexpected blow

to the enemy.The basis of it is pure relaxation - both physical and emotional.A soldier does not even have to think about the upcoming strike.

To resolve the failure, there are several exercises.In carrying out each of them exercising person must be completely relaxed.

In the first exercise, a fighter learns to apply quick strikes when the beeps emitted by a partner.The smaller the time interval between the sound and impact - the better.The same exercise can be done somewhat differently: trainee man to beat after his partner touches.

The second exercise is to apply quick strikes on Boxing paw, fast-moving partner within the reach of the exercising.

third exercise the most difficult - is to put a fighter on paper as quick kick to it will be a hole.

second part - acceleration.Without it you can not deliver a knockout blow.Acceleration is working out not only fast, but also a very strong impact.There are many exercises that develop the speed and force of impact.These include push-ups - on the fingers of one hand and cotton;spinning rod;jerks and jolts weights;Work with a bag on which fighter has applied the most powerful blows.

And, of course, we must not forget hardened hands - because knuckles untrained person very sensitive and if they are not "stuff", the knockout blow could knock out and the one who does it.

great exercise for hardening the hands are squeezing their fists and use a bag without gloves.

Regular performance of the exercises described above will allow to work out a knockout punch in three months, or even faster!

addition to the above-described complex, there is one technique that allows to accumulate as the speed and impact speed.For this technique requires heavy boxing gloves with weights sewn - taking them, each fighter will be able to choose for themselves the optimum weight of gloves, in which its impact will be most effective.

So, to determine the weight of gloves and how to fix them on hand, you need to remember your most commonly used striking technique and begin its work.Testing continues until exhaustion - is coming from the shock does not turn into jogging.What follows is a minute break, during which performed relaxation exercises, and then working out continues.After another break of fatigue and working out again.

Such training should not be done too often - just once every one or two weeks.