Plastic Boats of the Russian manufacture or aluminum?

choosing a boat for personal use, of course, necessary to define what material is made of his body.Most experts recommend to give preference to ships from modern materials.Whatever you say, and the tree, with all its advantages, eventually rots quickly and the boat comes into disrepair.For this reason, today the most popular domestic boats of plastic and aluminum.Let's try to examine in detail the pros and cons, to make it easier to choose.

Plastic Plastic boats of Russian production - are the leaders in sales.Too many manufacturers produce boat hull is made of this material.It should be noted that under the plastic in this case is understood not banal plastic, a modern composite material (often, this carbon fiber and fiberglass).From the point of view of fluid dynamics and aesthetics of the body - they are much better than aluminum.Because fiberglass boats lungs, they can be transported in a conventional trailer or on the upper trunk of the car.Cases of these boats are reliable and durable: they ar

e made of glass, mat or steklorogozhi.

Plastic Russian-made boats are easy to maintain, they are easy to store in winter (only need to cover the canopy, detach the engine and carry it to a warm place).Plastic housing is repaired easily, and traces of patches is quite unknown - Monolithic Floor.Curiously, fix the place is even more durable, which is important for possible future emergencies.

Speaking of disasters!If you swam away from the shore and somehow you still managed to break the body, do not panic.This boat has two layers (shells in the shell), intercase space filled two-component polyurethane foam, so the boat does not sink.Even if we imagine a fantastic situation that your boat was torn in half, one half you can swim to shore as a lifeline.


Thinking about what is best to buy a boat, you're bound to remember about aluminum ships.Their body does not look so impressive and beautiful as GRP (even new ones), and over time, this problem is exacerbated.However, the ratio of strength to weight them excellent.We must not forget that aluminum - it's still metal, which can float on the water when out of it to make a proper design.However, the seaworthiness of the aluminum body is not as high as in the plastic, because composites can create absolutely any contours, including tri-type.

On the other hand, the aluminum housing is very high impact resistance.This metal bindings, so to break through - it is first necessary to "break."In this sense, it surpasses even steel.Sea water and humidity in general, is not afraid of an aluminum boat (here they are with fiberglass).But metal housing require more labor in the production than plastic, and therefore the final cost of the boat above.Plus also the fact that you get more durability and reliability of the ship.No need to also remember that aluminum is a valuable material for the secondary market.Almost certainly you will lose a little resale (recommended to do it in three or four years).