What is interval running, what is it for?

In ancient times, when there was no transport, the only means of travel had legs.Therefore, it is natural that nature created man so that he had to walk a lot.But modernity has made its contribution, and now the man walks a lot less.Despite this, the need of the individual nature provided in walking and running.Firstly, during regular jogging increases metabolism, are included in the work of the body's muscles, strengthens the cardiac and respiratory systems, as well as the musculoskeletal system.In general, the healthier the entire body.

addition, while running to burn more calories, fat and hydrocarbons, which means that the body loses weight.But in order to run bring maximum benefit, you need to be able to do it right.In this article we look at this kind of exercise like interval running.The program it is intended to ensure that in one lesson, combine and alternate load fast sprint and slow - at long distances.

cite the example of one of the programs which runs interval running.50 meters is nece

ssary to pass a normal pace, slow run 50, the same speed up jogging, and still the same - to give everything to the full.

And here is another very effective scheme running for weight loss: 8-10 minutes of jogging at a slow pace, and 1-2 minutes - the acceleration.There is a method called fartlek in which there runs a certain time or distance.According to it, need to be addressed as long as does not come within the physical capabilities.This program is mainly attracted to athletes, sportsmen or people with special training.

All these methods combines the interval running.And before the training you need to consult a doctor and an experienced coach, as the habit can bring your body is not good, but harm.Also, before you start interval running, you need a good stretch your muscles.The body of a cold not tolerate the load.

For greater effect, conduct interval must run regularly on a daily basis and preferably at the same time.If you live far away from the stadium, a great place to practice would be the park or forest belt Square.Clothing for jogging should be spacious, well-absorbent and comfortable.And in order to reduce stress on the joints, pick up special shoes.

And if you decide to include in your life, this kind of jogging to lose weight, you know that one program is running slimming equipment intended to ensure that only one session lasted at least an hour.Because only through thirty or forty minutes begins the process of burning fat cells.And if you run through lack of time, the effect will not be simple.

Why is interval running is so useful and effective for weight loss?

In normal jogging, even prolonged, exhaust the supply of glycogen is only in the blood.Man gets tired quickly, and fat, however, is not going away.At the same interval during acceleration glycogen depleted.And during the holidays, when a person is walking, the body shuddering comes a new batch of the substance.Because the physical costs occurs less glycogen in the body time to recover, and fats are burned more efficiently.

But if you have health problems, in particular with the work of the cardiovascular, respiratory and musculoskeletal system, such a load contraindicated.The body simply can not withstand such tests, at best, loss of consciousness occur.Therefore, running, like the rest of exercise, it is useful to the extent, and only to those who have no serious medical contraindications.