Slow Waltz - History

history of the waltz began in the seventies of the eighteenth century.This dance appeared because of the cultural heritage of the European peoples.The origins of the waltz can be found in the Czech dances and matenik furiante.They most commonly performed on all holidays.The roots of the waltz and viewed in the Austrian and French lindlere volts.

world-famous dance is finally formed and received his greatest flowering of the beginning of the nineteenth century.It is home to the capital of Austria - Vienna.Fast enough waltz became a favorite pastime of secular circles and began to sound all over the world.In every country in the dance added its national elements.As a result, there were certain types of the waltz: French, English, Vienna and others.In the rhythm of this graceful ballroom dance is written a lot of songs.The music for the waltz sounds in the operetta, opera and film.And to this day it remains very popular, its performance is incorporated in all the world dance tournaments.

Slow Waltz owes its final form England.His second name is "boston", but now the birthplace of the romantic dance is unknown.

Slow Waltz was formed on the basis of the Vienna (classical), which is often criticized.Dissatisfaction caused his exhausting and fast paced, constant rotation, as well as indecent little distance between partners.Gradually, the music became more slow waltz, a new type of ballroom dance.It was called "Boston".In another way - the American Waltz.This dance is different from the classic longer and sliding movements and slow turns.

After the founding of the club in England, Boston (1874), which was very influential in secular circles, began to emerge a new kind of waltz.Subsequently, he was named slow.He descended from the Boston waltz.

finally form a gentle, graceful and beautiful dance in nineteen twenty-ninth year.History has not spared the merits dancers Albion.Evaluate the significance of the contribution they have made to the development of such a dance, like a slow waltz.It has the second name.He is the "English Waltz".Currently, he is considered an independent dance.From the classic ballroom version of its distinguished music and movement.Slow Waltz is performed by changing the rhythm.At the same time it transformed the dancers movement.Changes and technique.Slow Waltz assumes undulating, soft and gliding motion of partners.His performance, in spite of external Romanticism, requires strict discipline and high level of technical training.

Waltz is the most famous ballroom dancing.His performers acquire beautiful and noble posture and graceful movements.At the same time their skills they can apply in practice in any setting.Waltz gorgeous and versatile.In addition to master his technique is quite simple.Waltz marks everywhere as a wedding dance.Can not do without it any secular party, as well as the celebration of anniversaries and various celebrations.