Photography as a communication tool

Everyone knows that all things in this life has a purpose.Anyone, even the most useless thing affects our lives.And in the end, it turns out that about such "necessary" facilities, we know more than, on the sites where the quotation marks are not required initially by nature.In other words, modern man does not know the essence of simple, but very important things.But he has learned to understand the complex processes.

Perhaps it's for the best.Partially.After all, photography owes its birth to intelligent beings whose soul is "required" technical development, not only for himself but also for society as a whole.You can imagine that this is - a brief background on the causes of the emergence of the art of photography or another legend, albeit in a very simplified form.But the essence lies not in the usual determining the root causes or prerequisites.

created a new language for humanity, which is certainly among the most beautiful, expressive and emotional means of communication.Spreading, photograph

y has given people the opportunity to speak without speaking a single word.In the early stages of formation and determine their own place in the art world and the human world it was.What happened to the photos today?

occur.Each image is subject to the vagaries of human aesthetic.It is important to create, capture and show the beauty.Basically, this is the support for the photos.It is designed to encourage us as the most pure and not the most pleasant feelings and actions.Exposure to the art of photography is great.It can never be the same twice, because there lies the value of the "catch" the moment that is not repeated by the laws of the universe and time.

Photo multifaceted, very many faces.Therefore, those exceptional masterpieces that she gives birth within ourselves increasingly go beyond photography as a means of documentation, communication and creativity in general.In human terms, the picture is not required for the special efforts of exceptional talent or ability.It oproschaet picture and look at it.Yes, not everyone is worthy of a still image to be equated with a work of art that is in its power to be a unique and point to belong to the masterpieces.Therefore, the photograph - is "just" a piece of art that has no other name for a similar result from the creation of the union of man and nature.

image of reality has little in common with the reality in which we exist.It's a completely different world, built on a foundation of other laws.This is the world of art, it is the laws of art.But this does not mean that the photo is only valid within it.He is able to "get along" in the same area with a completely away from her spheres and resources, giving rise to the benefit of creative people a new, more modern forms for the realization of its original content.

Photo is able to adjust to the environment, and its terms, in which she will act as a person or a whole group of people with a certain object.Still images are ubiquitous, and therefore able to distract us from one another for the sake of information.Is it always right, we understand the meaning of what he saw?Is it always right, we understand what he wanted to tell us through the picture photographer?Maybe Bernard Shaw was indeed right when he compared the photographers with cod, tossing millions of eggs, only a few of them continue their way of life ... After all, "curb" accident - an important element for photos - not every under force.

question of who influences who - the person on the photo or picture a person, too, is highly debatable and controversial in a variety of assessments, attitudes, and what role mneniy.V photos in the mass media?Dana does it do it?Answer to these questions can be different, but it is accurate and error-free will recognize that photograph as a means of mass communication gives us to see the world more information, volume and quality.Thanks to photo art, we develop creative, managing to get out of the flow of events in the other.