Tatar dance conveys the full flavor of this people

Every nation has its own dance, expressing the character, mentality and characteristics of the nation.Folk dancing is primarily related to the history and cultural traditions.Maybe with their help, people are trying to perpetuate the memory of national heroes, or show your temper.

What still interesting people - Tatars!It is remarkable that they live well in all corners of the globe, it is easy to adapt to new living conditions.But this does not mean that they forget their traditions and culture.Tatar dance have proof of this.Show me a Tartar who does not know at least one of the Tatar folk dance.

Features Tatar choreography

What do you think is the dance Tatar dance?Of course, in national costumes.They have this very colorful people.However, they are no less picturesque than the dance itself.A special feature is the expression of the Tatar dances and sharp movements.Execution of this dance has changed several times during the history of the people and the development of its culture.At the begi

nning of this dance was considered a shaman, because its movement resembles the movement of a magician or shaman.He was also associated with the cult of birds and animals.The movement of his hands was like a bird flapping wings.

Eventually Tatar dance changed to become closer to ordinary people, as display their life, temperament and culture.Prihlopa already imbedded and had nothing to do with the activities of the shaman, and from the twentieth century, dancing even Tatar took some movement of Russian folk dance.Borrowing often occur from neighboring peoples, because culture can not develop in isolation, so this exchange is absolutely normal.The main thing is that the Tatar dance lost its pronounced national identity.


Incendiary Tatar dance does not leave indifferent who saw this spectacle.So much emotion, expression!They can be played as a guy (man with woman) or separately.Tatar dance can be played solo, mixed, and even groups.Women dancing, for example, differ femininity, elegance, sobriety.Tatar Tatar dance full of tireless cheerfulness.He talks through the motions of daily life, culture of the people.Consider a pair dance.

Several couples are on site.Man right hand embraces the girl and left holding her left hand and puts it aside.She supports the right hand dress.Tatar dance is full of all sorts of imbedded feet that clearly shows this example.First, a pair of three takes major step on the line.Then, an element which has already been mentioned: the triple imbedded.Performed all, the body must be more tilted forward.After a pair of three performing the basic step, overcoming the distance in a small circle counterclockwise.At the end of this cycle the couple must return to his seat.The guys are in the center of the circle to face the girls and performing a triple imbedded, and the girls at the same time - a double.

Here's a he, a colorful Tatar folk dance!The colorful bright costumes of his movements convey the temperament of this unique people.