What does the expression of the human face?

On the study of facial expressions of people created a science - physiognomy.At times, it can tell us more than the words that are pronounced in the moment a person.Expression, like a mirror, reflecting all the hidden thoughts.It is also much to be said about a man on the location of wrinkles on his face and in their intensity.

position of the head of an individual during a call to tell us about his attitude to talk about his personality as a whole.For example, a flat head position tells us that a person is confident and open one to communicate with the outside world.Proudly elevated head allows you to think about the arrogance.Head thrown back - is an open challenge.A little head bowed side says about the openness of human unwillingness to act on its own and the willingness to obey or to take the point of view of the interlocutor.

Mimicry human very diverse.The intention is easier to judge the mood and analyzing each part of the face separately.Let's start with the mouth.During a call, he can

say a lot.Tightly compressed lips reaffirm their determination.If they are pressed at the same time and on the teeth - this will tell you that the people at this moment is going through a naive vanity.Push forward with raised corners of the mouth are the expression on the face of the protest.Widely open mouth and eyes tell of a strong surprise.Licking the lips is a foretaste of something.

Note the corners of her mouth companion if they are omitted, and are complemented by a sad expression on his face, it will tell you about the human disease state (because of frustration or unhappiness).Strongly drawn down the corners - an expression of extreme contempt and malevolence.One corner of the lips twisted irony speaks of a smile.

Note the eyebrows and forehead counterparts.Wrinkled forehead may indicate dissatisfaction, shock, rage and anger.Eyebrows arched crescent reflect surprisingly human.

How often do you see a smile on the faces of the people, appeal to you?Sadly, it does not always mean a sincere joy.Sugary expression gives a person such a smile, as if he tries something sweet while smiling.This "smile" could mean that you just flattered.Confused and suddenly a smile, like a grimace, hiding strong emotions because stalemate (or just does not want people to smile at the moment, and does so only out of politeness).Expression with a good relaxed smile demonstrate that the person really glad to see you, or admired something.If a person has a face as if he had just bit into a lemon, you should know that you are dealing with arrogant and boorish man.Smile one corner of his mouth will give indecisive, cautious man.Grin smile instead will give the individual uncultured and envious, ready to enjoy the misfortunes of others.

As you can see, different facial expressions can help detect insincerity man, his mood and intentions.