Jewish dance - part of the rich culture of the ancient people

Jewish dance can be called an integral part of the rich culture of this ancient nation.According to legend, the Jews began to dance for the first time immediately after found the Torah at the foot of Mount Sinai.True, they say that the circumstances of their first dances were not as pious as it is accepted to assume.People are simply tired of waiting until Moses hex with the Lord, why have built an idol - a calf of gold, sacrificed to it, and then arranged around the dances and chants.This is the behavior of the Jews was the reason why the tables were broken, Moses was angered by what he saw and in anger threw it with such force that they were split on the mountain.

There is also a mention of how the Jewish princess Salome sang Jewish dance of the seven veils in front of King Herod.He was so fascinated that swore to perform everything a girl could want.And she wished the death of the prophet John the Baptist - and his head brought to her on a platter.With specific regard to the history, the known fact

that the Polish nobles during the Commonwealth were very fond of fun that made every Jew caught dancing wedding dance mayufis Jewish Sabbath under the national anthem.It was considered humiliating, and then the phrase "dance mayufis" became a household word and was used in the sense of "fawn, grovel in front of someone."

Traditionally, religious Jews were not allowed to perform the dance together, that is, women do not have to dance with the men - only separated from them.But this is true only in part, because so many streams of Judaism completely admit that Jewish dance performed together.Moreover, the practice, even holding special dance parties at which young men acquainted with the girls in order to create a family in the near future (the Jews are not taken too long to meet and care, most often after the first man-second meeting is determined he will marry a particulargirl or not).

worth to highlight the dance "Hava Nagila."The name is translated from Hebrew as "Let's rejoice," and was originally just a song.It was written by Abraham Zvi Idel'son, based on an old Hasidic melody.At the time, he studied folklore of its people and the future masterpiece melody heard by chance in 1915.He wrote it in his notebook, which has gathered a large number of other tunes, tales and legends.The words he came up to her later.His song he dedicated to the holiday that has come to all the Jews at the time when the Balfour Declaration was made public, to give the people the right to build their own state on one of the sites belonging to Palestine.

But because it was a song of joy, she simply could not develop into a Jewish dances."Hava Nagila" is very simple in its execution.Lyrics are simple as well as the dance moves, so even those who have never danced "Hava Nagilu" will be easy to remember them.It is so incendiary that to this day it sing and dance at every ceremony, met in a friendly, cheerful dance.Start at a slow dance, but gradually accelerating melody, followed by the speed up and dance movements that causes a lot of positive emotions.