Cuban dance to the sound of African drums

That Cuba is the birthplace of modern Latin music.Well, where sound rhythms of Spanish guitar and African drums, stand still virtually impossible.Rhythms carnivals, mambo and rumba, salsa and cha-cha-cha, sleep, and Danson ... Even the tango originated in Cuba.

dynamic, agile and passionate Cuban dance to the sun-drenched streets - a fascinating spectacle.The open expression of emotions, free improvisation by great music, alone by elements woven into a single dance figure ...

How were African drums on Cuban soil?It is known that many tribes of West Africa have used the rhythms of the drums during his address to the gods.As with the African continent in Cuba began to bring slaves, they continued to perform their ritual dances and the new location.Over time, religious movements have turned into dance steps and do the rituals - the dance.

During the war in Cuba, the Cuban dances became popular among American soldiers.Soon they began to be performed in America, and many musicians have filled their wo

rks with new rhythms.

Most Latin music fans do not even realize that the rhythms of the drums are actually religious significance.And performing Cuban dance tabs which are quite simple, we do nothing but as ritual dances on various African gods.

modern Cuban dance liberates and gives a feeling of freedom of movement, emphasizes masculinity and charm of the "stronger sex" and the charm and appeal of women, the passion and emotion of their relationship.This passionate, virtuosic hip rotation, hand movements beauty, sensuality, energy, temperament and sexuality.Cubans themselves call their dance of love.

Today Cuban dance enjoys special veneration.He, along with some Latin American dances, is a program of sporting ballroom dances and admired.Some even talk about some Cuban "dance boom."Dancing not have clear rules and canons, easily rehearsed, they present an improvisation, they have no embarrassment and stiffness.

Thus, Cuban salsa contains unfettered movement, interesting combinations, which are transmitted through the passion, flirting, fun and flirting.It is a dance of love and freedom.

But the pair dance the rumba is an organic compound of a wide step with erotic dance smooth movements of the body.Originally it was a wedding dance, and all the movements that we perceive as erotic meant plain, simple actions performed on the farm.Modern dance rumba called love, a jewel among the Latin American dances.

addition, Cuban dances - a chic bar, the real effective and intensive training of the body.Their elements are natural, organic and absolutely safe.Through dance man can develop endurance and flexibility to make the body slender and obedient, to be in good shape.And he will feel attractive and confident in any situation.

Cuban dance in their movements express normal human feelings: joy and sorrow, disappointment and hope.During the dance, leave all the complexes.You can dance to the sounds of a guitar and harpsichord, the rhythms of drums and maracas.You can dance anywhere - at a party in the club, on the street.And thus be bright, artistic and emotional.