Classical dance, beautiful and refined

Classical dance - this is probably the most popular form of the variety of dance styles.Moreover, it was he who lies at the heart of all learning and virtually all the dances that are performed today.

Classical dance is based on a very delicate and careful study of all the movements and positions of body parts - legs, and as the head and body with his hands.A long time ago this area is the most popular and in demand not only in the ballet world.The fact that classical dance has long turned into a kind of basic plastics choreography, it is impossible to learn without any directions from any other dance.

Very often people come to learn the choreography just for yourself, not for the construction of a dance career and distant plans.In classical dance lessons taught man all the subtleties of the most important ballet skills, which is an example of true harmony, combining the beautiful classical music and sharpened movements.

classical dance requires, above all, the large dance steps turnout legs, pl

astic and fluency in feet and hands, and coordination of movements.Considerable importance also acquire and stamina and strength.That turnout leg is the most important principle and foundation of all movements based on it all kinds of positions and postures, both open and closed, and crossed.Equally important and movement in and out.

And based on the principles of the dance movement is the selection, ordering them and a special division of the main group elements.The separate groups are studied choreography of movements combined with any common features specific to each group.This applies to both the squat and body position, movements of rotation and all the rest.

It begins with a classical choreography training in any dance, whether it is belly dancing and Indian classical dance.That is why it is so popular classical dance for children: it is a system of movements and funds, historically developed, harmonious and sustainable, which is based on a poetic interpretation of the image created on the stage, as well as combination with the selected music, both classical and folk.Incidentally, it was in childhood and possibly comprehend all the basics of classical dance.Adults ligaments and muscles are no longer able to achieve all the required turnout for classical choreography, flexibility and plasticity.That is why, for example, the ballet beginning to learn very early.

Classic contemporary dance is divided into eastern and European.Oriental dance - a dance styles and schools of China, Korea, Japan, India, Vietnam, Thailand.I must say that they are gradually becoming more popular because of their exotic and beauty.

European dance as a system with its own terminology has developed in France, where they were lined up the main group of motions, the position of the legs, arms, legs, head and body, virtuous, graceful and elegant.Highlights irusskaya school of classical dance, characterized by generosity and polished, clean movements and forms, as well as expressive and dramatic.