Dance show room

typical day any student of the Moscow school of dance consists of group sessions - fun, energetic and covering several kinds of dances.And now, a lot of movement is learned, and dancing turns, and the confidence came and group lessons is not enough, and most importantly - really want to show your ability to get the public and deserved ovation.What is quite clear and great desire, which opens to the students of the weight even more interesting activities and opportunities.And you, indulging their own desires, ready to prepare the show case.

Just say that this is a very exciting type of training on, and it all begins with the individual lessons - you partner with trainer determine that dancing under the kind of music and a story.Here you have a completely free hand because the choreography can be anyone you choose to dance, too, the story - yours again.Can you think of anything, even a comedy, a drama though, the main thing that was interesting to you and find an inner response.

However, cooking is not always number one big pink joy happen and such classes, when all mixed up in my head a mess, and it seems clear that will never come.But!Should you once again quietly think about what you want to convey to the audience, all at once falls into place.

And, of course, the day of performance carries a huge amount of positive emotions.

The main thing - remember that this is your show, so that only you can be queen of the ball here.A lot of people came to see it on you, and they will be eager to catch the courage that you fill your speech.To be honest, it will not matter, well you danced the scheme or not, you have made some mistakes and have done everything technically perfect.Viewers have come here for the history and emotions, so generously share them with your mood and nothing else do not think!And they will tell you so hard that you too will suddenly become unimportant appliances, and you dive into your own room with your head.

Then, of course, it's over, the audience will reward you with applause, and you will feel something very controversial.On the one hand, this is the joy of a wonderful room, the other - the emptiness of what he has done and given to the hall.And while you applaud and receives flowers, think about the fact that the void - is also very good.Because that's what it is born a new idea, and it means that tomorrow you will again come to class and started a new number, it is different, but the same inspiration.