Ruslana Pysanka - biography, filmography, personal life

Ruslana Pysanka - one of the most brilliant actresses of contemporary cinema.Her radiant smile, sense of humor and incredible charisma at first glance to conquer and attract.Admirers of Ruslana from this article will be able to learn about it much: biography, filmography, facts of his personal life, about the enthusiasm of the actress.In addition, positive emotions will give you a preview of photos depicting this talented woman.

Ruslana Pysanka.Biography: Childhood

In 1965, November 11, was born in Kiev Ruslana Pysanka.Her father Igor Nikolaevich - a well-known cinematographer, laureate of Shevchenko.Childhood and school years Ruslana took place in Kiev.She studied in a regular school, and differed little from their peers.The girl was cheerful, energetic, friendly.She studied well, but special eagerness to acquire knowledge did not show.Her perky character and charisma to gain people, so around a small Ruslana has always been great friends.

Youth: frustration and win

Even in years of schooling

young Pisanko decided she wanted to become an actress.After the prom, it applies for admission to the Shchukin School and several other institutions.But any one of them, Ruslan failed.In Schukinskaya she was given to understand that such a precarious figure, namely, curvaceous, it is unlikely to take the actress.But because of its persistent nature, she did not fall in spirit.She came back to his hometown, went to work on the TV.A little later, Ruslan safely arrives in Kiev State Institute of Theatrical Art named Karpenko-Kary.She became a student of the faculty of direction.Diploma received in 1995.

first work

Ruslana Pysanka, while still a student, started acting in films.Her first role was in-goal to a diploma work.Her debut came in 1991 in the film "Cruise, or adjustable travel."Following her work was the film "Some love stories," directed by A. Benkendorf (1994) and "Moskal Witch", filmed under the direction of Zaseeva-Rudenko (1995).When Ruslan started its activities in the arts, she changed her name to an alias Pisanko Easter egg.To this day, the name brings her good luck and success.

Career Development presenter

Besides acting activities, Ruslana Pysanka very seriously attracted to work in television.In parallel with the filming, she holds the position of director of the news program "Vesti".In addition, she oversees the work of the TV magazine "People".Along with this, the management of the agency "Window" invites her to try his hand as a presenter of the "weather".And that she manages to fame.It works on the site for more than 7 years.The audience for the most part favored issues weather forecast exactly which led Ruslana.Her charm and artistry of the program have done a rating.She continued her career as a television presenter in the television project "Women's Club".

Ruslana Pysanka: Filmography 1997-2000

Since 1997, in the life of TV presenter and actress again, a period of active participation in the cinematographic work.She played leading roles in the following films:

  • «The Princess and the Bean", directed by V. Novak, year 1997;
  • «Bury overcoat ...", project leader Viktor Yushchenko, 1998;
  • «With Fire and Sword", directed by Jerzy Hoffman, 1999 issue;
  • «Black Rada," director N. Zaseev-Rudenko in 2000.

Some films with the participation of Ruslana Eggs are classified as "modern series."It can be seen in leading roles in serials films "Peculiarities of National feast" and "Musical staircase" producing a Ukrainian TV channel "Inter".

Samples pen in directing

Ruslana Pysanka (biography proof) - a man gifted in many areas of art.During the short period of his artistic career, she has made successful steps as an actress and TV presenter.But this is not going to stop it.Ruslana in 2000 tried himself as a music video director.Together with his brother Oleg, who made a director of photography, it removes the clip for the song "Blue Scarf".This work received a nomination in the category of "Best directorial debut" during the awards ceremony Ukrainian clipmakers, organized by the creative agency "Area A".

Job Eggs in Russian TV projects

In the early 2000s, Ruslan accepted the offer to become a TV presenter in the program "The Domino Principle" on the NTV channel.A little later, she appears on the screen along with Andrey Malakhov in the show "Big Wash" (First Channel).Some time later, in 2003, it was already possible to see in a pair with Leo Novozhenovym in the "Land of the Soviets."

Again Movie ...

Ruslana Pysanka (filmography confirms this fact), and to this day is a very popular actress.Over the past decade, she, besides working presenter, appeared in a large number of pictures.The audience loved and respected her for the role, which she perfectly embodied in such works: "The Three Musketeers" (directed by T. Barkalay), "Sorochintsy Fair" (directed by S. Gorov), "Darling" (director Joss Stelling picture).His talent shone in Ruslan series "Taxi to the angel," "Peter Perfect", "matchmakers" (4th season), "Night Shift" and others.

Performing arts

Russian independent theater in 2007, employs Ruslana Pysanka.There, the actress playing the lead roles in many productions.The most famous of them - it plays "Divorce in the Moscow", "Chasing Two Hares", "Day of halibut."

Show projects

To the delight of his fans, Ruslana actively participates in entertainment shows.In 2006, it can be seen in the company's choreographer Nikolai Kovalenko in the "Dancing with the Stars" on the channel "1 + 1" (Ukraine).

Later (2008) it operates the leading reality show "Office Romance".Her partner in this project was the humorist Vladimir Zelensky.This ensemble of talented actors made the program very popular.

As a singer Pysanka tries his hand at the entertainment show "Star + Star".There she stands in a duet with the famous opera singers Vladimir Grishko.


about his personal life the actress prefers to remain silent.It is known that for five years she had a relationship with cameraman Ivan.But this civil marriage fell apart.Who lives today Ruslana Pysanka?My husband has the actress, his name - Igor.Details of marriage is not known.


Ruslan interested in cooking healthy and delicious food.In addition she has repeatedly taken part in the culinary show Pysanka also released a recipe book "Culinary temptations of Kievan Rus'.This edition is very popular not only among ordinary women hostesses, but also in the ranks of famous chefs.

hereby hobby for the talented actress has become the art of painting Easter eggs and decorative wooden boxes.For this passion she learned in art school.


talented person is talented in everything.These words seemed to specifically told about a beautiful woman and a popular actress, whose name - Ruslana Pysanka.Her movies all loved the show, where it is removed, the audience watching with great pleasure.Any of its appearance on the screen is perceived by both adults and children with delight.And this is a figure of great talent.