Chow Yun-Fat (Chow Yun-Fat): filmography, biography and personal life of the actor

Chow Yun Fat is today one of the world's most famous Asian actors.During his career, he managed to pull in the masses of the various films and successfully work together with Hollywood guru cinema.He appeared before the audience in different images, each of which manages to recreate perfectly.

Chow Yun Fat: biography of the actor

Today, this famous Asian actor is the embodiment of the present action hero.But it was not always.He was born May 18, 1955 on the territory of the small island of Lamma, near Hong Kong.His parents were simple poor farmers, who some time later moved to Hong Kong in search of a better life.

The city boy's father found a job in an oil company, and the Chow Yun Fat went to school.Unfortunately, it did not manage to finish it - at the age of seventeen guy dropped out and went to look for work, as it was necessary to help support the family.During this time, the young man tried many professions - carried the letters and newspapers, worked as bellhops and messenger.

Needless to say that there is no acting education at the poor son of simple workers were not.However, in 1973, he found an ad in the newspaper and went to trial, conducted one of the famous Hong Kong channels.To the delight and surprise of Man, he was offered the job.

first steps in a career

Immediately after listening to a young man signed a contract and then for many years participated in various TV projects.After some time, the actor has decided to improve their performing arts and enrolled in the School of professional acting.

It should be noted that in 1970-1980 Chow Yun Fat (Chow Yun Fat) is constantly appearing on different channels.In particular, he played a gangster Hui Man-Kanga Hong Kong in the cult TV series called "Shanghai Beach".In 1976, he starred in "masseuses".Later there were other projects.In particular, in the movie "History Woo Viet" actor and demonstrated their skills in a dramatic game.

¬ęBright Future" and deserved success

In 1986 saw the release of "Bright Future", directed by the famous John Woo.One of the main characters of the film are exactly Chow Yun Fat.Filmography actor enlarged role of Mark Lee - Man working on a mafia group.The film was a breakthrough in the development of Hong Kong cinema.It is this pattern is considered the first example of the style of so-called "heroic bloodshed".John Woo's work influenced the work of both Asian and European and American directors.In 1986, the film became a box-office leader.And today it is among the hundred best Chinese films.Naturally, participation in such a popular and significant project has made the actor famous.

In 1987 he was shot the second part, entitled "Bright Future 2: Hurricane fire."Here, Chow Yun Fat played by Ken Lee, twin brother Mark.Already 2 years later, in 1989, the premiere of the last part of a trilogy called "Bright Future 3: Love and Death in Saigon."Naturally, one of the leading roles went to Chow Yun Fatou.It is with these pictures often associated break in the career of an actor, and his subsequent success in Hollywood.

Asian movie actor

Naturally, after such success now cult film was very popular and Chow Yun Fat.His films have appeared almost every year.In 1987 he filmed new thriller called "City on Fire", where the actor played Ko Chow - police, working undercover.And in 1998 on the screens out comedy "Tiger in the police" where Cho played Francis Lee - cowardly cop who, however, longs to perform the feat.

In 1989, he starred in a film by John Woo entitled "Hitman."In the same year he got the role of genius card player Ko Chun in "The God of the players."Then there were other films - "Born a thief" in 1991, "Hard Boiled" in 1992 and "God of Gamblers Returns" in 1994.Chow Yun Fat has become a very popular actor, without which Hong Kong can not do any serious fighter.

Moving to Hollywood and a new career stage

course, started with European and American directors was a real breakthrough for extremely popular in Hong Kong, but little known in the world of Asian actors.In 1998, he played a cold-blooded assassin Lee Jin Antoine Fuqua in the blockbuster "The Replacement Killers".This picture has not become very famous, but still helped Chow showcase their talents.

In 1999, he starred in the American action movie in the role of Nick Chen, a police lieutenant in Chinatown, which is to cooperate with the detective Danny Wallace.

filmography actor

historical film "Anna and the King", released in 2000 finally secured the success of the Chinese actor.Chow Yun Fat (photo in front of you) in this film played the wise King of Siam, who hired an English teacher to teach their children.Touching, platonic love between two characters has led to the huge popularity of pictures with fans melodramas.The film was even nominated for the "Oscar" in the category "Best scenery and costumes."

In 2001, the actor appeared on the screen in the form of martial arts master Li Mubaya in the movie "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon."In 2003, filmed a new movie starring Chow Yun Fat - filmography supplemented his sci-fi thriller "Bulletproof Monk," where he played the silent monk.

actor also got the role of the emperor in the historical Pina Chinese film "Curse of the Golden Flower" in 2006.By the way, this picture was also nominated for "Oscar" for best costumes.By the way, the film, and today is the most expensive masterpiece of Chinese cinema.

In 2007, Chou Xiao Fenya got the role in the epic film "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End."In 2009, the actor appeared on the screen in the form of master Roshy in fiction film James Wong "Dragonball Evolution".In the same year he got the role of Anthony Lantina leader in Shanghai Triad crime thriller "Shanghai".A year later, he played the main character in the biopic "Confucius."

New films featuring Chow Yun Fata

course, the actor continues to appear today.In 2010, he participated in making the film "Let the bullets fly," which brilliantly played the role of a greedy tyrant, Mr. Huang.

year after the premiere of the Chinese historical film entitled "Building Party", which describes the events of the plot between the October Revolution in 1917 and the establishment of the Chinese Communist Party in 1921.Yun Fat played here Shikayya Yuan - known Chinese military leader, who became the first authoritarian ruler, the president, and then the self-proclaimed Emperor of China.

In 2012, the actor got the role in the film "The Last Tycoon", the story is based on real life events of the famous leader of the Shanghai gangster groups.More recently, the premiere science-fiction movie called "The Monkey King".

Some interesting facts

Chow Yun Fat was thrice awarded the Hong Kong Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Best Actor.He also wrote scripts for several films, including "All About A Long" (1989) and "The hotel of the world" (1995).Incidentally, one of the characters of the famous computer game John Woo Present Strangelehold appearance was the famous actor.

Chow Yun Fat: personal life

first serious relationship with actor fastened actress Candice Yu Young people met on the set of the "masseuses".Some years they met, the relationship was serious, but then everything went wrong.When the actor was 26 years old, the couple broke up, and the Yun Fat met with another girl - Go Cheng.Before marrying the young man asked the blessing of her mother, but she refused.Naturally, no Chinese man, brought up in the spirit of the old traditions, could not oppose the will of the parents.Therefore, Chow broke up with my girlfriend and went back to Candice, who agreed to become his wife.Soon, the young people got married.But the relationship with his wife nezaladilis, and after only six months, the actor turned back to his mother, this time asking for blessings for divorce.

In 1984, solving some of the cases in Singapore, Chow met with Jasmine, the daughter of an influential businessman Singapore.Two years later, the happy lovers were married.Jasmine Yun Fat and married to the present day - for years of marriage in the press not a single rumor or hint of infidelity famous actor or his wife.Today, Jasmine is an accountant and an agent and a lawyer Chow.