Sarah Bernhardt (Sarah Bernhardt): biography and career of actress (pictured)

Sarah Bernhardt, a phenomenal actress, the first superstar in history, which for decades covered the countries and continents of the world, was born in Paris on October 22, 1844.Sarah's mother, Judith Jewish (according to other sources, Judith), grew up in a family of Moritz Baruch and Sarah Bernhardt Hirsch.As for the father of the great actress, then reliably trace its name and origin is not possible.

Sarah Bernhardt, whose biography contains pages of different manifestations, has grown under the care of governesses, because her mother did not have a profession and was forced to live at the expense of wealthy admirers of feminine beauty.Life is beautiful concubines, usually associated with long journeys.The woman does not belong, as the obligation to comply with the terms of the contract secret.Thus, little Sarah remained in the care of nannies grubby and grew up in an atmosphere of relative prosperity, but without a mother's love.

alarming childhood

Once the girl had an accident.Another nurs

e did not watch, Sarah went too close to the burning fire, and her dress broke.On the baby's cries neighbors came and nothing happened, even though the girl was scared to death.Judith, after learning about the incident, decided not to leave her daughter.Since Sarah was living with her mother.Fortunately, in that period there was a permanent fan of Judith, Count de Morny, who was a spiritual man.He genuinely loved courtesan, and so began to take part in the fate of her daughter.

"Comedie Francaise"

When Sarah was 9 years old, she was sent to a private school Grandshamp preferred.De Morny made sure that the girl was educated, and in no way needed.Life began to take on the future actress has well-defined outlines.She graduated and decided to enforce its cherished dream - to become an actress.And again, it helped the family friend the Count de Morny, who took eighteen Sarah Bernhardt to the director of the theater "Comedie Francaise".He was somewhat puzzled: "There are too thin for the stage" - he said.Nevertheless, Sarah Bernhardt, biography which then opened a new page, she joined and it was a great happiness for women.

theatrical debut

Sarah Bernhardt Theatre debut on 1 September 1862 in the play "Iphigenia in Aulis" playwright Jean Baptiste Racine.Before going on stage actress alarmed.When the curtain began to rise slowly, Sarah almost fainted.The girl was literally shaking with excitement, and it is not surprising that critics unanimously praised the actress for a beautiful appearance and put it "two" for acting."From now on, the theater audience in Paris can come to admire the magnificent golden hair of Sarah Bernhardt, but no more," - wrote the newspaper.


However, negative reviews - this is also the reviews.Besides theater critics do not take into account the nature of the iron aspiring actress.After a while, Sarah left the "Comedie Francaise" and began to play leading roles in other theaters.These were the "Odeon", "Gymnase", "Port-Saint-Martin."Each performance in which participated the actress became a masterpiece of dramatic art.The audience brought down on the shaft of Sarah Bernhardt, and the director of "Comedie Francaise" bite your elbows.However, having played almost all the classic roles, Zaire, Desdemona, Phaedra, Andromache, and many others, Bernard returned to the House of Moliere on the Rights of the prima donna, where it was received with open arms.

Sarah Bernhardt and diamonds

actress once again shocked the theater audience, playing Marguerite Gautier in the play "The Lady of the Camellias" by Alexander Dumas.Writer Victor Hugo, shocked sincerity Sarah Bernhardt, gave her diamonds in the form of tears on a gold chain."It tears my soul," - he said.The actress has long kept most expensive necklace as a gift, as a precious recognition of her talent.Jewelry Sarah Bernhardt loved the way their true loves a woman, she worshiped diamonds.Fans of the actress knew it and shamelessly used the weakness of Sarah zadarivaya it presents a fabulous price.

Bernard never left their jewelry at home when she had to go on tour.All diamonds are packaged in a sturdy case and everywhere followed her mistress.Peace of mind with the Sarah Bernhardt did not feel, she feared an attack and robbery.And in order to resist the robbers, this poor woman has always been in possession of a small ladies' revolver.A little later, in the twentieth century, from Sarah Bernhardt appeared follower.It was a world-famous and much-loved Consuelo Velázquez, author of the song "Besame Mucho", over which time has no power.Consuela drove with him around the world and jewels, and money, and there were many.

male role

revolver in her purse road Sarah Bernhardt indirectly talked about it like a man of strong character.These signs of gender, in a good way, reflected in the work of the actress.It has played a variety of male roles, among them Hamlet, Eaglet, Werther, Lorenzachcho, Zanetti.

must say that Hamlet is captured by Bernard of Stanislavsky, who was at that time still a young man, but already knew a lot about the art of theater.Stanislavski also probably presented to actress diamonds, if they had been.

later Stanislavsky has repeatedly pointed out Sarah Bernhardt as a standard of perfection, the nature of her trained voice, impeccable diction, internal culture and, most importantly, a deep understanding of the character.

Indeed, the actress had the widest palette of human emotions, there was such a manifestation of the female soul (and sometimes men), which could not be translated into an image of the character Bernard.Organically transitions from sorrow to joy, from tenderness to rage - this is the real skill of the artist.Actress Sarah Bernhardt played so that Stanislavsky could only say his famous - "I believe ..."

"chatter" of the woman, her "whisper", the ability to "belittle, to rush," "crawl to burst" - that wasnot just the talent of the great actress, is a grand gift of God.Sarah Bernhardt, whose picture never left the pages of newspapers and magazines, could not take a step, on all sides precipitated fans.Articles in newspapers devoted to the tours to European countries, and later in America, were similar to reports from the front during the war, the same style, the same terms - "Theatre Under Siege," "It's a win, critics confounded," "NapoleonI did not know such a triumph. "Often the materials of renowned theatrical divas ousted government posts and important economic reports.Sarah Bernhardt, an actress and nationwide favorite, was always surrounded by reporters who encircled the writing fraternity, and she could not get used to it.


lot of time superstar took up advertising contracts.Perfume, soap, gloves, powder - all things expensive perfumes bear the name of Sarah Bernhardt.But characteristically, it was never an idol.Her adored, worshiped, loved and praised in every way, but there was no idolatry.People felt open soul actress, her friendliness and her answer the same.Unlike her mother, Sarah distanced from wealthy men who want to get close to her.

Sarah Bernhardt, a short biography which contains several pages devoted to her home life, as it were, led a double existence.After returning from the theater, and crossed the threshold of his apartment, the actress left outside the great art and immersed in their personal space.

Home furnishings

actress has created at home your own little world.She painted a picture, molded sculpture, writing short stories and amusing pieces.House Sarah Bernhardt was full of all living creatures underfoot confused dogs and cats, snakes were crawling everywhere.Once she got a real coffin studded snow-white silk, and it became almost live.Lying in a coffin, as taught and drinking coffee.And, as the actress said to him she felt just fine.Similar tricks can be called shocking, but the fact that Sarah Bernhardt was not trying to impress the sake of experience.The coffin she really was comfortable, but stepping on the tail lying everywhere cats she considered immoral and tried to go around them.

actress currently

His penchant for extreme actress once implemented, rising to the sky in a balloon in the company of close friends.Wind pretty ruffled air travelers, many have prayed for forgiveness, and Sarah Bernhardt drank champagne and leaning out on a belt overboard."I love it when visitors come to me, - she says - but I do not like myself to go for a visit. I love getting letters, but no power will force me to write the answer. I love to give advice, but I hate when I do that the Council".She never thought about what will happen tomorrow, and forget about what happened yesterday.If tomorrow was going to die - so what?Just think ...


Time has not spared the famous actress, but in old age, she was still like a little girl Sarah.Critics admired the genius of our time, Bernard, in the course of a joke: "Sarah Bernhardt - Juliet. When 70-year-old actress will play a 13-year-old heroine of Shakespeare, the whole theater world will believe and cry."And this is no joke, this could well happen happened.

Sarah Bernhardt, quotations from sayings, roles and interviews which they live for many decades, is unforgettable.The grave of the actress in the Pere Lachaise cemetery in Paris is always strewn with flowers.Parisians and lovers of the great actresses who come from around the world, in total silence suited to the memorial to pay tribute.