Konstantin Lavronenko: filmography, biography and personal life (photo)

It is impossible to imagine such films as "Operation" Chinese Box, "", "Isayev" or "Nankin Landscape" without Konstantin Lavronenko.But those roles might not be given the 20-year interval between his first student works in the movie "More love, more hope" go unnoticed, and the star - in "The Return".

Actor rare fate

Konstantin Lavronenko, whose filmography consists of paintings, where the roles he has only the principal, took the play its niche as a performer and good everywhere.Why is handsome, with a characteristic appearance of "real men" had to live up to 42 years to break into the film industry, immediately received international awards of the highest esteem?He - the only Russian actor, was awarded the top prize at the Cannes Film Festival "Best Actor" (all of the filmmaking community congratulated him only Nikita Mikhalkov).And why an aspiring filmmaker was not afraid to take on a major role, not only that no one unknown artist, but also a man who left the profession altogether.And how well

he's back ...


Nobody better than Konstantin Lavronenko not be played as the Duke of Buckingham.Contractor believe that the love of the Queen was to him the meaning of life.For 10 years, the actor starred in 25 films and is today one of the most sought-after actors and filmed.Since 2009, he - Honored Artist of Russia.In this case, we can talk about the triumph of justice, because not all of the actors, the audience seen from a young age to the age of 50 achieve such brilliant results.

ordinary boy from an ordinary family

Konstantin Lavronenko Born in 1961 in Rostov-on-Don in an ordinary family (in a social sense) - a working father, his mother a librarian.But not all families are rampant really warm relations and mutual understanding.A Lavronenkovyh house was also hospitable, so crowded and fun.The father, who has always been proud of the boy was obviously a gifted man, as was always the center of attention of any company.And then on the life of the actor and his family were lucky.

Good rear

Konstantin Lavronenko and his wife have been married for more than 20 years.In normal times it can boast not all acting family, but their marriage fell on troubled times, when almost all, with few exceptions, the representatives of the sphere of art and literature were doomed to lack of money.The marriage survived.And, probably, it is due not only to his wife.Konstantin before the eyes of a child was an example of human relations in the best sense of the word.At the time, the boy grew up, doing football and boxing, and that he decided to begin to engage in the drama circle, could be considered a resignation beloved older sister, Olga, who could not help but be proud of him, of course, the outstanding external data.But no.It turns out, very talented boy imitated and copied the popular actors, especially Raikin.Well, then who did not copy Raikin?But not all of it worked.

Multilateral talent

repeatedly stated that if a person is talented, he is talented in everything.Let not all, but in many respects.And Konstantin Lavronenko.Among other things, he learned to play well on the accordion and accordion.But it is, so to speak, from the statement of facts, under the motto "There was a time ...."And then the 14-year-old future actor Konstantin Lavronenko, whose personal life is now being studied quite carefully, throw, like all teenagers, from side to side.And parents reproached him that he did not bring to the end, and that, therefore, out of it will not work worthwhile.

act of this man

source of biographical data about this actor can serve as a letter written by Constantine himself at the turn of fate, at a time when it was particularly difficult.And, although he himself calls it "a complete egomaniac" and "cattle (born in the Year of the Ox under the sign of Aries), the fact remains that - left the profession, earning money for the family became engaged in operating a taxi driver or a driver.It is man's act, which can not all of the individual with the "fine mental organization."

first fateful meeting

And in his youth, everything seemed possible and affordable.Especially as Konstantin Lavronenko was doomed to meet interesting people, playing in his life determines a positive role.The first of them was Galina Zhigunova, mother of the famous actor and director Sergei Zhigunov.Normally, the mother of beautiful talented boys are unable to ignore the dignity of other males, intuitively perceiving them as rivals.But Galina Ivanovna that she was engaged at the time in the correspondence department of the Shchukin School, was able to assess the prospects for talented young Bones.Infecting the students with his love for acting, giving them in an interesting way that only this knowledge, she was engaged in correcting the local dialect (children suffered all flaws dialect of Rostov "Pope"), statement of movements and stage presence.Obviously, Kostya stood out from everyone.And now finished studying drama circle in the plant "Rostselmash" a certain time, under the guidance of mentor Zhigunova goes to Moscow.

first attempt

He was too young, and the first attempt failed.But he has seen Moscow plunged into the atmosphere of this particular actor, "sick" profession and returned home, went to a local drama school.Of course, after the first year he was taken to the army.But there he was initiated into the beloved, as he served in the Song and Dance Ensemble of the North Caucasian Military District.After the Army Konstantin Lavronenko, whose personal life is now linked with Moscow, enters the 1981 rate A. Popov in Moscow Art Theater School, which he graduated in 1985.

Start acting career

Then, too, everything was still running smoothly.He is due to possession accordion gets a role on the stage K. Raikin "Satyricon", where he met his future wife.In this theater actor he worked about a year.Subsequently, there were several theatrical works, and even a tour to the troupe 'Workshop Climate "abroad.

leave the profession

roles were not fatal, the profession of money at this time does not bring.About cinema was not the question.Konstantin Lavronenko part with the actor's activities, and directs all efforts to ensure the family, which already grew up the daughter.At one time he worked in the restaurant business and rose to the post of director of the restaurant at the theater MAT.It would seem that life took a different path.

productive cooperation

But in 2003, he meets a talented and penniless director Andrey Zvyagintsev.They put a film with a very modest budget and bring it to Cannes.Perhaps such cases say they followed the "bombshell".Hall gave a standing ovation 15 minutes.The film won the main prize - "Golden Lion" and 4 honorary prize.The total number of nominations and awards rolls.Celebration continued until 2005, the latter became a Swedish prize award "Golden Beetle".

finally noticed

And immediately there was a million questions about who this beauty, and why he did not act sooner.The film was named breakthrough of Russian cinema for the first time after "Ivan's Childhood" Tarkovsky.In 2007, the Cannes prize for best actor gets Konstantin Lavronenko, filmography which by this time is not counted, and a dozen films.Even if it stopped at that moment to appear at all, he has remained forever in the history of world cinema.This prestigious award he received for his role in the film Alexander the same Andrei Zvyagintsev.Truly happy duo.

demand everywhere

Movies Konstantin Lavronenko from 2003 to 2007 are very diverse, not least because one of them, "Archangel" English production, and "Master" - Polish.The third film of this period - a very nice home cinematic novel titled "Nanjing landscape."Lavronenko, kind of opening Russian cinema, extremely good in all roles, but it should be noted his work separately with Sergey Ursulyak.He played great and criminals of the check in the "liquidation", and red commander of Blucher, who before the revolution rose to the rank of officer of the royal army, had many awards for heroism and bravery.

Calm and corresponding

He was so good, presenting layers of high-ranking officers of the new Russia that it regarded abroad recruited "red" Austrian Count Ferdinand von Galen.Lavronenko perfectly conveys the image.Films with the participation of Konstantin Lavronenko interested in everything, including the Czech "Kainek" gathered at the home of all-time box office.The number of movies and TV shows with the participation of this extraordinary actor close to three dozen.

«big ship - great diving»

him by force, any role - he can play comedy, and even the role of the same wretched man of talent.But he's very good-looking, and I want to believe that Konstantin Lavronenko not become hostage to their appearance.I want to believe that he fully overcome the consequences of a terrible car accident, which was the summer of 2012, and that human jealousy will not prevent him to please their fans with new masterpieces.