Ilya Lyubimov.

Some people - both close to creativity, and ordinary citizens - with a touch of scorn for the series.They call this product is of poor quality and believe that the shooting or viewing a movie of this kind - the time spent in vain.However, for many actors of the series - this is the way to express themselves, to show the public their talents and reveal all abilities.Through long films, consisting of small parts, you can show the daily challenges a person to talk about the details of each disturbing.Maybe one of the series the audience recognize themselves, will understand how to find a way out of the situation and not make a mistake.

Ilya Lyubimov "Voropaevski" thank

This category Film Arts opened to the public the many talented artists, including Boris Nevzorov, Anastasia Zavorotnyuk Linda Tabagari, Alexander Golovin Ilya Lyubimov and many others.Last actor received the all-Russian recognition after the release of the series about the world of fashion "Not Born Beautiful", where a man played the r

ole of a selfish bastard Alexander Voropaev.It was a far not the first picture of with the participation of talented actor, but thanks to exactly at it, so to say, slightly negative characters Ilya Lyubimov became famous.It should be noted that this series has presented the ticket to a great movie, and other talented people: Peter Krassilov, Victor Dobronravov, Julia Takshina, Gregory Antipenko and so on. D.

Childhood and Hobbies

February 21, 1977 in the Russian capitalin the city of Moscow, was born Ilya Lyubimov.Biography boy started his story in the family head of the design office and scientific collaborators.In the name of the father is now a popular actor - Schlesinger.Besides Ilya, growing up in the family has an older brother, Oleg, who currently is a talented director.

Childhood boys passed in one of the districts of Moscow called Teply Stan.Ilya Lyubimov, whose biography is in his youth differed little from the biographies of their peers, liked to spend all his free time outdoors in the company of friends.In 1984, the boy went to the first class.Exactly one year later his parents moved to another school, located near the house.Ilya studied there until 1992.

In 1988, measured the boy's life includes art.His parents sent him to the circle at the Theatre of the young Muscovite, the head of which was Alexander Tyukavkin.Since Ilya Lyubimov decided to become an actor.It should be noted that until 1988, the boy also attended a theatrical circle at the House of Pioneers, where his mentors were Aleksandr Gordon and Viktor Shenderovich.

Adapting to study

Over time, creative activities became dominant in the life of a young man, not only all the free time, but the lessons and tutoring at the school had to devote skill hypocrisy.Combining the process of acquiring knowledge and the theater is becoming harder.However, the artistic director and director of the school is a way out of this seemingly very difficult situation: in consultation with parents, they translate the talented youth in the school named after EA Yamburg.This school is famous for its model of learning: by the introduction of the special development, not student adapts his studies, and studies adapted to the student schedule.

his father's footsteps ... turning towards

However, in spite of the extraordinary boy's desire to become an actor in 1992, he did all of a sudden goes to high school at Moscow State University Faculty of Mechanics and Mathematics.Choosing a specialty "computer programmer," Ilya Lyubimov decided to continue the path of his father, who is a leader in one of the design offices, as well as get a completely normal civil specialty.

However, there did not dream of leaving the scene.After studying in the school year, Ilya Lyubimov learns that begins admission of students on the course to the famous teacher Pyotr Fomenko.Another with childhood years the young man dreamed get on the a learned skill of this talented director and pedagogue.And then, finally, he had the opportunity.In 1993, sixteen-year-the young man arrives at directorial faculty in GITIS in as a freestyle the listener.It is noteworthy that at the time, Elijah was not even secondary education, so in order to be accepted to college, he had to leave school as an external student.

Two brothers on stage

After receiving the certificate Lyubimov students enrolled in the camp, and he becomes a full member of the brotherhood of the theater GITIS.During his studies, the young man involved in many productions, including "Garpagoniada", "A Winter's Tale," "Summer Folk", "wedding", "The idea of ​​Mr. House," "School for Fools" are the most memorable.

In 1997 the hospitable walls of the institution let out a group of students, among whom there is also a talented actor Ilya Lyubimov.In the same year a young man invited to join the friendly family theater "Pyotr Fomenko Workshop".In the composition of the troupe Artist of plays a and up to this pores.It is noteworthy that in the theater Ilya speaks with his brother Oleg.For seventeen years, Lyubimov played in a variety of performances.True theatergoers enthusiastic about following his works, "War and Peace.Beginning of the novel, "" barbarians, "" Heartbreak House, "" One absolutely happy village "," Family Happiness, "" Bride "," Egyptian Nights, "" Mad of Chaillot. "

Awards for work of

It would be desirable to note, that the talent the young actor has not remained unnoticed and critically acclaimed.His works are nominees for the various types of awards.For example, in 2000 Ilya Lyubimov whose photo now and then decorate the poster of the theater "Pyotr Fomenko Workshop", he has received the award "The Seagull."Artist has received this award for his role in the play "Family Happiness".

At the annual award from the newspaper "Moskovsky Komsomolets" in 2001, the award for best cameo Lyubimov was nominated for the image of France from the statement "One absolutely happy village."

first movie in 2002 on the screens as an actor first debuted Ilya Lyubimov.Filmography talented artist begins with the film "Mixer".He goes to a small and malozapominayuschayasya cameo.Following this pattern was followed by a small series "Citizen of the head", where the artist got the role Erhova.

In 2002, Lyubimov takes part in the filming of two movies.The first film into a picture Ilya Hotinenko called "Odyssey 1989".It tells the story of the creation of the provincial boy who came to conquer the metropolis, and faced with the harsh reality: drugs, tranquilizers, drunken stupor - and become the "astronaut" is already much easier.In this movie with a slightly surreal demonstration outside world Lubimov played a young man whose dreams shattered during perestroika.

second film into with the actor becomes a Film about painting Kirill Serebrennikov called "Diary of a Murderer."Throw a party at the Historical Museum, the group of young people finds a diary student Nikolay Voinov, dated 1919.Opening the first page of the notebook, the heroes of the picture will learn the terrible truth: the author of this product is guilty of the death of five people.In this film, the role of Isaiah Lazurskii, friend of the protagonist, takes Ilya Lyubimov.

filmography actor has about thirty projects.The most famous of these are the film "Boomer," "Letters to the angel," "Women's Day", "Case of Kukotskiy" "Not Born Beautiful", "Doctor's Diary" and many others.

Earning «name»

Painting Roman Karimov titled "Inadequate people" opens to the public the hidden depths of the human soul.Directed by shows us that under the guise of balanced well as a relaxing human can hide a stormy temperament and multifaceted "I».This picture (starring removed Ilya Lyubimov and Ingrid Olerinskaya) received five awards at the European Film Arts Festival "Window to Europe".

Currently talented artist in high demand.He is invited to participate in various projects, to act in films and television series.In the new film "Invisible", "pure art", as well as the television series "Ship" and "under the thumb" along with well-known and quite popular actors appear and Ilya Lyubimov.Filmography stunning and absolutely unbanal actor replenished annually.With each new film, the audience revealed a new facet of the talent of the young man.Movies Ilya Lyubimov has an interesting storyline and a deep meaning.And each of them has its own target audience.


Surprisingly, this charismatic and memorable actor can not please the journalists his stormy romances.Persistent hiding his personal life led to what many publications have ranked Ilya members of sexual minorities.However, it is not so.As recognized by the actor himself, he just needed time out to find the most beloved and unique.And he found it.

darling actor was a young and talented actress Catherine Vilkova.These two were married in the first May day 2011.Eleventh February 2012 was born the first daughter of Ilya Lyubimov and Catherine Vilkovo - The baby Paul.A few weeks ago in the family, there was another joyful event: the light appeared and son, who was named Peter in the Orthodox calendar.