Mogilev Marina: biography, filmography, and the family of the actress

family famous actress Marina Mogilev to the cinema had nothing.After all, her father was a physicist by profession, his mother - a historian.When she was young, her parents divorced.Marina Mogilev, biography is full of ups and downs, never dreamed of a career as an actress.After school, she tried to enter the Moscow Institute of International Relations, but the attempt was unsuccessful.And she took the unexpected decision to go to Kiev to the father where the entrance exams to universities had to take a little later than in Moscow.Mogilev Marina has chosen the Kyiv Economic University because his father, a physicist by profession, had the opportunity a few days to prepare it as in physics and mathematics.Marina entered the university.

Marina left Moscow, not only due to receipt in high school, but because of love.The young 17-year-old Marina fueled feelings of operator feature films, followed and went to Kiev.Soon after they were married.And thanks to her first husband Marina changed profession.

Student years

first year of university Mogilev Marina diligently studied to be an economist, and then her life changed dramatically.Probably not a coincidence window of the university they went to the studio.Dovzhenko.And one day she was invited to audition for a movie called "Stone soul."It is with these films and was born actress Marina Mogilev, whose filmography includes more than a dozen films.

Working in film

Film director Stanislav Klimenko called "Stone soul" at the time was engaged in almost all of Ukraine.In the shootings involved many Ukrainian star: Bohdan Stupka, Alexei Gorbunov, Peter Benyuk Anatoly Khostikoyev and many others.Marina Mogilev, whose filmography includes several box office hits, played a major role proud and beautiful Gutsulka named Maroussia.According to the scenario, this 19th century, love, folk avengers, chase, exciting adventures, such a film could not remain without attention of the viewer.Today he is considered a classic of Ukrainian cinema.

After the first films followed by a second and her third.He is a very responsible and serious, Marina Mogilev not abandoned his studies at the University and in 1991 graduated from high school.But acting is already full of her soul, and Mogilev decided to enter the Kiev Institute of Theater Art named after Karpenko-Kary.After graduation, Marina accepted into the troupe of the Kiev National Drama them.L. Ukrainka.

Shooting Ukrainian cinema

Throughout all these years, Marina Mogilev actively starred in the Ukrainian film.She played a maid named Liz, in a detective film directed by B. Nebieridze "Murder in the Sunshine Menor."Also, she got the role Dzjun Gusakovsky in the historical film directed by S. Klimenko "Taras Shevchenko.Will ".She played in the movie Eve D. Zaitsev "Gladiator for hire" Woman in a detective film Marina Ivanova "game seriously."

Marina Mogilev, whose filmography is not limited to melodrama, also played the role of an American journalist named Folly Marylou in the film B. Balkashinova "Report", for which he received the prize of the Kiev Film Festival "Stozhary."In the opinion of the Marina, the most successful of its role at the time has been played in the US-Ukrainian film director Jeno Hodi "Black Sea Raid".Mogilev noted that the motion picture was a very exciting and enjoyable.

Work on television

In addition, Marina Mogilev, biography is not only limited to shooting a movie, also worked as a TV presenter on the channel "1 + 1" in the program "Empire Film".

In 1996 there was another twist in the life of the actress.And again in the life of Marina intervened love.She broke up with her husband, got a job as a leading program "Good Morning, Russia" on RTR and got married a second time in the famous producer Alexander Akopova.

work in the TV series "Turkish March»

In 1999, Marina Mogilev was offered to play the role of Irina, the wife of the protagonist of the film "Turkish March."That is the role in this film completely changed the life of the actress, and brought her national popularity.

viewers, as it happens, suffered a loving relationship between the characters and the movie actress Alexandra Domogarova to the actors themselves.But, as admitted Marina Mogilev, husband of Alexandra for her would not have turned out, in fact they were just good friends and have long agreed among themselves that if read in the press about how they broke their happy families as separated or agreed, to share read andThey laugh together.The newspapers let them write what they want.

Due to the success of the series "Turkish March" actress became famous and very popular actress in Russian cinema.From 2001 to 2002 Marina Mogilev, films which are loved by many, has been involved in a number of TV series and movie "Open Season 2" (the role of Hope Varguzova), "Family Secrets" (the role of Olga), "The Fifth Corner" (as Nina)"Moscow Windows" (the role Galina Usoltseva), "Russian Amazons" (the role of Anna Sintsova), "Life is Full of Fun" (the role of Tamara).While the Marina for the first time decided to try his hand as a writer.

Cooperation with Todorovsky

As told to Mogilev, one day she asked a question about what she would like to motion picture film.The answer was clear - it should be a lyrical comedy, fairy tale for adults.After all, to act in action movies the actress is tired.Marina came up with its history, it has provided Todorovsky, and he liked it.

film "Whatever you like" (also known as "When you are not looking"), released in 2002, is a joint product Todorovski and Mogilev.The film tells the story of the artist, who was looking for happiness in a wealthy life, and found him in a completely different form.The main role was played by Marina itself.The film also stars Mary Aronov, Valentin Smirnitskiy, Mikhail Bagdasarov, which Mogilev starred in the television series "Moscow Windows".

As admitted the actress, screenwriter profession she had more to my liking than the actor.Marina liked that the writers work easier: there is a desire - write, no - do not write.Or you can write anything that comes to mind.As for the film, according to Marina, the actors - a figure dependent.To star in his film, Mogilev had to forget that the shooting was carried out its ideas, otherwise nothing would have happened.Marina said that sometimes it was declining so the idea that it is a scenario that forgot its written cues than very amused crew.

Mogilev Marina actress's personal life

actress's personal life has not developed.The reality turned out quite differently than she had imagined.After several years of marriage, actress and telemagnate divorced.Marina admits that for her breakdown of the marriage was a terrible tragedy.But the actress managed to overcome all difficulties, and at the moment the former spouses are formed friendships.In 2011, the Mogilev Marina gave birth to a daughter, and the child's father's name is not disclosed in the press until now.We only know that a father of a child she met in avtoprobke.Thus, Marina Mogilev, and her daughter is one of the most interesting and mysterious people of this television.

Working in the theater

When shooting a movie with Marina had no problems, the theater fared differently.After all, to get a job in the capital Repertory Theatre is almost impossible.But the actress has found a way entreprise.Although the Mogilev not consider repertory tucked hack.According to Marina, if the actor takes his profession very seriously, it does not matter, it is removed in the movie, he plays on the stage or in the entreprise.Every actor has to give all the best to the maximum.In addition, the time of cheap Entreprise has long passed.And today just to be a star is not enough to make a play for you - it's too much competition.After all, the audience primarily evaluate not the name, but the quality.And so Marina believes that the entreprise is an excellent opportunity to test yourself at the new site, a new team in a new role.

antrepriznyh One of the best works of Mogilev - the role of Lady Hamilton in the famous play "The Lady and the Admiral ', the winner of the State Prize.Stanislavsky Leonid Kulagin.In an interview, Marina admitted that the role of a dream of every actress.After all, the theme of love Lady Hamilton and Nelson is a legendary history.This is not so much plays on the true feelings and great passions.Mogilev noted that such a human and profound stories she never met in many years of work.

No less interesting work Marina Mogilev - Abbey in the performance of Valery Barinov "Desire Under the Elms," it is this role very precisely approached actress.

actress today

Today Mogilev very relevant and popular actress.She is invited to appear in a variety of Russian serials and films, motion pictures Belarusian and Ukrainian filmmakers.

On television, the actress Marina Mogilevskaya play a strong, beautiful women.And in life it is the same.But this does not prevent the perfect actress to enter the various images.The audience appreciated her role in the TV series Eva Nielsen "Sink or Swim" and the role of scout Margaret in the TV series "The Red Chapel".She played beautifully blue-eyed Cyrus in the movie "Love is blind."Moreover, in this motion picture Marina managed well performed songs written by the singer and composer Catherine Semenova specifically for the series.Also, Marina Mogilev perfectly played the role of Hope Matvienko in the series "Five minutes to the underground" (released in 2006).The actress managed to get into the role quite held a woman who one day realizes that her life is no lover, no reliable man on whom she could rely in the difficult moments of his life.

It should be noted actress in the role of Alexandra Kollontai in the historical picture of Eugene Sokolov "Star Empire", which tells the tragic story of the famous ballerina Mathilde Kshesinskaia, played by Victoria Sadovskaya-Chilap.

very pronounced work Marina - the main role in the film directed by Vladimir Sokolovsky "Bitch" (released in 2007, the second name - "A man has to pay").In this film Mogilev played the role of his wife head of a large firm, which found out about her husband's infidelity.The actress said that, acting in this film, she tried to understand why women turn into a bitch.What pushes them to it?What this has to do a man a woman to become a bitch?And it seemed to Marina, she was able to find answers to all questions.

Today, Marina Mogilev - demanded actress.Regular flights, filming, new roles and images.This is the result of constant work.However, she looks amazing for her age - many are wondering how many years Marina Mogilev, with almost every surprised when he finds out that she was born in 1970. can not say that she was just lucky.The actress has often said that life is a very wise thing and gives people a test to ensure that they overcome them, were able to fully appreciate the depth of true happiness.And the opinion that the Marina has got all just a mistake.But, despite all the difficulties in life, the actress thankful, because this is why she appreciates all that he has and what she has achieved.

«Disintegration" (1990), a drama

1986, April 25.Alexander Zhuravlev, a journalist by profession, returned to his native city of Kiev, where he was waiting for the usual family problems and professional troubles.He still does not know that tomorrow his life and the lives around him change.

The magnitude of the accident at the Chernobyl nuclear power plant is carefully concealed, but gradually people are immersed in the festival covers a gloomy cloud of fear and panic.There was a horrible, Alexander tries to reveal the secret, but now he, like everyone else, is just a helpless witness to the catastrophe, the victim of lies and silence.

«Make or Break" (2003), a comedy series

The action comedy takes place in Denmark during Christmas celebrations.The country cottage is located near Copenhagen, on a visit to her compatriot come relatives and friends living in Poland.

And here the first night of the murder occurs.One of the guests killed a shaman harpoon.All the police involved, but the perpetrator remains at large and continues to encroach on the lives of the guests.

«Red Orchestra" (2004), TV series, drama

«Red Chapel" - Film about the historical motion picture is an objective look at the work of spies during World War II.The film heads "Red Orchestra" brought to viewers not only as a professional scout, but also in the role of outstanding personalities.

«Kitchen" (2012), a comedy series

Arriving at the restaurant, people often do not think about who is engaged in the preparation of such a compelling dishes, a young guy, popular with the female half of society, or the genius of cooking - a loner in life,French chef or homosexual.Slightly open the door to their inner world, watching comedy series "Kitchen".