Types of dances: a brief description and history

People have learned to dance long before the talk.Even in ancient times by a man called primitive dance of spirits before the hunt.Nowadays, many kinds of dancing became professional.

consider some kinds of dances.

  • Ballet appeared in the 16th century AD.This beautiful style was born in the gorgeous Italy.The ballet is very intensely developed and over time became a separate art.This kind of dance more professional than amateur.To deal with them, you need to have excellent stretch, a lot of free time and a great desire.

  • tap dance - a dance theater, which was first performed by the Americans.Basic tap dance movement in the fall to his feet.He often danced without music accompaniment, because the main idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis dance is the weaning rhythm down.

  • R'n'B style has recently become very popular among women.This new direction, a move that helped to emphasize sexuality and femininity.

  • Russian folk dances were invented by the people themselves.There are so many different jumps, dances and dyn

    amic movements.Currently dancing in this style is very popular on the big stage, as they are perfectly cheer up the audience.

  • Oriental dance used to have a ritual.Now it's your favorite dance style of many women.Catching oriental dance, you can create a beautiful shape, learn to plastically move and feel sexy and desirable.

  • Latin American dances - this is the most fiery and sensual of all.Movement in them simple.The main task of the dancer - feel the music and show all the fire of passion that lives inside.

kinds of dance can be described indefinitely.in today's world there are many.People love to travel, love to feel the music and given it entirely, because it is so relaxing.

should also pay attention to ballroom and street dancing.This is a completely different direction in its essence and style of performance.What types of ballroom dancing there?It's a slow English waltz, tango, sexy, sensual slow foxtrot, Viennese waltz romantic and exciting Quick-Step.Each of these dances express certain emotions that wake up in a man while driving.

Types of street dance is also quite diverse and interesting.This is a modern folk dance direction.The main type of street dance is hip-hop.He was born in the United States and now widespread throughout the world.Competitions of different scale for hip-hop.This type combines the individuality and originality of the dancer.Very common breakdancing.This dance was also born on the street.This direction is characterized so-called battles that take place on city streets as well as in large concert venues.

Modern types of dance are developing rapidly.Everyone chooses for himself the direction, which is able to cheer him up.