Incendiary Brazilian dance

Dance - a kind of story, full of emotions, feelings, sensations.Dancing like transferred into another dimension, surrendering to the rhythms of music and moving to the beat.Watch a man during the dance is very interesting.And especially mesmerizing dance, full of feelings, fire and passion.

Have you ever been at the carnival in Rio de Janeiro and watched people dancing Brazilian dance?This spectacle can be called the most beautiful and incendiary.A long convoy of people moving along the main street, dancing and having fun, urging people to join them.Do any of you know how there was this Brazilian dance and how is it different?

history of Brazilian dance

believed that Brazilian dance appeared at the end of the XVII century thanks to the Portuguese arrived in Brazil.And then the dance called the strange movement was difficult.Rather, it was a game.People jokingly throwing each other something, filled with water or flour.Movements and gestures, which the players have demonstrated bias, subsequen

tly became the core of the PA's most famous samba and capoeira.

should be noted that in the history of the emergence of Brazilian dance are present not only the Portuguese roots.Brazilians say their dances they got from ancestors living in the old days.It is said that these movements and dance in general resemble ancient orgy of love and courtship dances of the ancient tribes.And it's hard not to believe, if you watch the way the woman dancing Brazilian dance, sing and elegantly sexy spinning in all directions.Is resist such a temptress!

Dance and Carnival

on the famous Brazilian carnival in Rio de Janeiro are trying to get all the dancers of the country.To participate in the carnival dancer column means a lot.This not only promises fun, but also raises the level of dancing skills and his dignity, promote self-esteem.No less prestigious carnivals in other Brazilian dance your dance.Pernambuco and Bahia - states, which also hosts vibrant carnivals.

dancer who wants to become a member of the Carnival, is obliged to come up with not only the original Brazilian dance, full of acrobatics and rhythmic movements to different parts of the body, but also to prepare a bright colorful costume.By the way, for a carnival costume - is expensive.Not every Brazilian dancer can afford to buy or sew it.This seems particularly surprising because the participants in the carnival festivities so little clothing.You could even say that it is not at all.But that's the beauty of the costume.The clothes should be bright and rich, erotic and sexy.

Features Brazilian dance

It should be noted that the Brazilian dance is very versatile.It is a movement of samba, capoeira, karimbo, Lambada.Present and acrobatics.Often dancers use poles, umbrellas and other items, performing certain party.Music for the dance - rhythmic and fast, with a clear battle drumming and trumpets.Dancer must move to the music with his body.It is important that the dancing was excellent physical shape, because all Brazilian dances require excellent muscle and fitness.During the dance, it is necessary that both arms and legs, and stomach, and shoulders moved quickly and swiftly.

Finally I want to say that the Brazilian dance is very beautiful, it is full of feelings and cravings.At the same time it is an excellent way to keep your body in perfect shape.If you want to permanently save a beautiful shape and perfect figure, immediately start dancing Brazilian dances.