Moonwalk: its history and development

moonwalk - a world-famous dance move, which they know almost everything.We know this movement is not only because of its unusual, but also thanks to the great recognition - to mix it with something else is absolutely impossible!However, the truth about the history of dance known only to a few.

very widely believed that the author of the lunar gait is Michael Jackson, but it is not.Yes, it was he who brought the movement to perfection and brought him worldwide fame, but he was not the author - moonwalk was demonstrated to the public well before his performance, though under a different name.So, in 1932 this dance movement (albeit in a somewhat different form) was used cab Calloway, and in 1943 - actor Barry.It has been shown that movement and just before Jackson's performance - in 1982 he showed Jeffrey Daniel.

Yes, and Michael Jackson in his book called "Moonwalk" admits that before he went on stage, moonwalk used black boy from the ghetto.They have something he has mastered the basic movements, so

mething has improved, added something from himself and perfected.

So, by 1983 a new movement has been completely modernized and perfected a famous singer.That year the company "Motown Rec" celebrated its anniversary, and in her honor the singer spoke with the song "Billie Jean" and unusual dance, instantly became popular.It is not surprising that many believe that its author was just Michael Jackson - made famous moonwalk him, and he made her world famous.

Today, this movement is used in a variety of dances.Hundreds of thousands of people may have to do it, and hundreds of thousands more dreams to learn.In fact, Michael Jackson's moonwalk is simple enough, and that it is not necessary to perform any special talent.We just need to free time and genuine, active desire to learn.

For the development of the lunar gait requires the following: a soft smooth soled shoes without a heel, if it does not, you can train in thick socks;large mirror (preferably full length) - is necessary to train in front of him to see all their mistakes and correct them immediately;Room with a smooth floor (linoleum, parquet or floor tiles) - only on the floor can get a smooth sliding movement based dance.

Before you start training, you need to spend a warm-up.Particular attention should be paid to the ankle, because the performance of the lunar gait on him bear the main burden.As a warm-up can be performed exercises such as pan and tilt housing, squatting, walking on heels, toes, inside and outside of the foot, the rotation of the foot, running in place.Good results can bring rubbing legs and feet.

After the warm-up has been completed, should take the starting position of dance: the shoulders are straight, spine straight, the heel of the right foot toed left.The left leg bent at the knee, it is necessary to wear.

followed by change feet in some places as follows: continuing to build on the toes of the left, you start sliding right back.During slip right leg should be bent at the knee, and the left, by contrast, erectile.Next you need to change again leg positions.Moonwalk is based on this motion.

most important thing - to carry out all the movements as smooth as possible and not to tear the legs off the floor.Only after these leg movements honed to perfection, they can add some movements with his hands, whether it is an ordinary wave or pat their own sides.

Once all traffic will be developed, you can begin to train the music and videos of Michael Jackson and to achieve simultaneous execution with him.