Wedding photos or wedding photos Photographic

Any professional in the business must have a corresponding equipment for the conduct of its activities.For example, an experienced carpenter must have a plane, chisel, mallet, and other professional tools, and wedding photographer must also have the necessary for the conduct of photographic equipment at a decent level.

However, wedding photography is divided into two main areas: reportage and staged (art) and Photography, which is overridden in both directions photographing different.

In any case, at the beginning of his practice aspiring wedding photographer has to decide - in what way it will be to remove the original: in the staging or reportage.And this choice will depend on what the camera will become a wedding photographer in the initial stage.Let's look at features of photographic equipment that needs to know a wedding photographer.

especially the first.Rate the camera.
very important feature of the camera is its rate of fire, and if translated into a human language, the rate of the cam

era is its ability to issue a large number of images in a relatively short period of time.It's - response reportage camera.

This feature allows the camera to shoot a wedding in the style of reportage and not to overlook any important moment of it.However, the wedding photographer, choosing their future practice camera equipped with this feature, must be careful: Some cameras have a really high speed photography, but at the highest frame rate to make a very low resolution image.We must take this into account and ensure that the camera was and rate, and capable of delivering images with a maximum resolution.

especially the second.Optics with or without zoom zoom.
dynamic event like a wedding, often have, at least partially, to shoot in reportage key.There can not do without optical zoom lens.It is desirable that the optics has been a constant and sufficiently high aperture.

third feature.How quickly the camera focuses.
Focus speed - also very, very important characteristic of the camera, which should have a professional wedding photographer.In reportage cameras typically focus speed higher than that of the camera intended for the art of photography.

fourth feature.High working ISO.
Typically, the events unfolding so that the wedding photographer is forced to shoot in dark rooms and with a deficit of light.It follows that the camera must be sufficiently high operating ISO.Working, it means that at a high value on his image no noise.

difference between reportage cameras and camera for artistic shots.
Usually reportage camera has a high color rendering and a higher number of megapixels than the reportage camera.Reportage same camera, in most cases, has a high-speed focus, more high-speed focusing and higher value ISO.

For the perfect shot in any situation, ideally - wedding photographer should have two cameras and wield them depending on the situation.If at the initial stage of practice the financial situation does not allow to purchase two different camera should either stay the same any way photography and buy him a suitable camera or wield one (eg, sequential), and the level of artistic effect in the images is achieved byprocessing in a graphics editor.

fun.Sincerely, wedding photographer Leonid Starikov.