Wedding Photographer or what Kose Mormyshka?

I think that is a rare couple does not want to show off to your friends, relatives, friends, photos from their wedding.But how justified the wedding professional wedding photographer?Is it so necessary, or guests quite cope themselves, removing the newlyweds?

Take this very important decision should the couple themselves, without doubt, be based on their personal opinions, but in this, with your permission, a scientific treatise, I will try to describe - What advantages does a wedding photographer to shoot the wedding on a commercial basis and on a professional level.

advantage first.No catch, no rest, no escape, no drink.
guests attending a wedding feast, this celebration with the desire to relax and celebrate.For them, as for honeymooners, it is - a holiday.Celebration, which will be the focus of guests.However, the wedding photographer comes to the wedding not to celebrate and relax.Wedding photographer comes to work steadily and keep track of all the events of the wedding with his magic ele

ctronic eye.Shooting for a holiday job, not a vacation and not a holiday.

On this basis, a professional wedding photographer for a moment distracted neither alcohol nor to celebrate, much less on consumption culinary masterpieces.He will do the work for which he receives a fee.

advantage of the second.Basic knowledge of photography.
Wedding photographer is often not just a photographer shoot the wedding.First of all, he - a professional photographer who knows the basics of photography and setting the foundations of the frame, and also owns many other tricks.On this basis, wedding photographer in terms of taking the picture stands out from the wedding guests, which in most cases have the skills in the field of amateur photography.

advantage of the third.The perfection of photography.
I think the fact that a wedding photographer has a perfect photographic equipment than the wedding guests, is undeniable.This fact becomes a guarantee that pictures will be in quality is much higher than any of the guests of the wedding celebration.

fourth advantage.Wedding photographer has experience.
experiences that wedding photographer, allows him to navigate in any situation that happens at a wedding feast.And navigate quickly and in time to capture an interesting moment.And this is a guarantee that the wedding will be captured in detail and most fully.

advantage of the fifth.Transmission speed of the order.
If you shoot the wedding guests, there may be a situation that the wedding photos will be transferred to the newlyweds indefinitely.And the whole problem: collect pictures of all the guests, who were filming the triumph.A professional photographer shoot the wedding, give photos as soon as possible.This is not to mention the fact that the pictures are transmitted in the form of treated and decorated.

advantage of six.Establishing contact.
wedding photographer certainly and necessarily meet with the newlyweds to the wedding ceremony, to listen to all suggestions and undertake necessary preparations for taking pictures.Guests are also wedding is unlikely to engage in such, on his part, nonsense.

And finally say that to make its decision about hiring a wedding photographer is entitled to take each pair on the basis of all his philosophical principles and physical abilities, however, before making a decision, each pair of newlyweds must weigh the pros and cons.

Let Your wedding will be a memorable and strong relationships.Sincerely, wedding photographer Leonid Starikov.