Wedding Photographer or performance remuneration

When the wedding photographer comes to the wedding in order to make a photo shoot on a commercial basis, a young couple, hired him to be sure to understand ourselves: what are the criteria for remuneration of wedding photographer.In other words, the question: "Why pay the couple, hiring a wedding photographer?" Should receive clear and distinct answer.

Let's look: what exactly takes payment and the wedding photographer that the couple prepared for the spent finances.

first criterion.Spent time wedding photographer.
First and most importantly, for what takes banknotes wedding photographer, it is during the shooting.Newlyweds should understand that money does not pay for a certain number of photos, and for the fact that the wedding photographer will consecrate the detail with the help of pictures every step of the wedding.And just to say how many shots can be done at each stage of the wedding: simply unrealistic.Everything will depend on whether - as is currently eventful.

Therefore wedding photographer takes not pay for the number of shots, and per unit time (one hour).This is quite normal.

However, if the young couple saw that the wedding photographer is spending time on the frequent smoke breaks, the consumption of wedding dishes, lengthy negotiations with the guests, it is a clear indication that the wedding photographer working out of the ordinary poor.His work: photography and search.And if the wedding photographer is not fulfilling its functions, the young couple do well to say goodbye to him.

second criterion.Photo processing.
Every successful wedding photographer conducts post-processing wedding photos.Usually the level of treatment depends on the experience of the photographer and the wishes of the newlyweds.However, no processing is complete and onaya always reflected in the cost.

third criterion.Print photos and layout of the disc.
Typically, wedding photographer presents photographs of the newlyweds in print.Yes, of course it is a nice addition to the work done, but it makes a wedding photographer in the value of their services.Accordingly, the couple paying service photographer and pay for it.

fourth criterion.Special requests.
Another criterion is the complexity of the payment of photography and special wishes of the newlyweds.For example, if the couple want to carry out photographing in a balloon with a photographer to present two assistants with studio light, and each photo retouching magazine exposed the deep, it can greatly increase the value of photography.

fifth criterion.The most important.
I think there is no doubt that the wedding photographer takes banknotes not only during shooting and additional requests of the newlyweds, but also for its expertise as well as their photographic excellence.

Any photographic technique has the resource and the more expensive the camera, the more expensive it takes for their services professional photographer, so that in the future to justify the purchase of a new camera.

And with regards to that experience, we all know that the higher the quality of the product, the more expensive it is.And the experience of the photographer - the main indicator of the quality of his work.And the experience is, the higher quality of its work and the higher the cost of its services.

I think that by reading this treatise, the couple will be able to easily pick up a wedding photographer at the best value for them.Sincerely, wedding photographer Leonid Starikov.